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At The Move: Relocation & Delivery LLC, we believe that putting in a lot of hard work ensures the best and fastest service. We are here to provide you the most suitable and highest solutions for your needs with a professionalism that cannot be replicated.

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  • This job was cancelled the same day. The company called hours later and said they could not take the job nor did they authorize UHAUL to schedule any jobs that day. I am requesting a full refund for the second time.

    joan m.
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    Solomon C.
  • After having another mover not show up, I was stressed and upset. Once I spoke to Josh, he and his crew arrived promptly within about an hour and did an excellent job. I highly recommend this company.

    Keith C.

    Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to write this. Definitely appreciated, and it was my pleasure to help out. Anytime you need me I’m here. Thanks again & God bless.

    The Move Relocation and Delivery LLC
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