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Based out of Sherwood, AR

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WE ARE THE BEST VALUE FOR YOUR MOVE. WE have 30 years experience helping people move their valuables. I specialize in professional care and service for my customers. We do Local and out-of-state moves for our customers. We will drive the truck for you! WE WANT to be YOUR MOVING HELPER!

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  • Did a great job with communicating and handling my furniture. They also helped when I didn't realize that I needed a padlock on my Uhaul Box and gave me one. Definitely good guys who did a fantastic job.

    John C.

    Thanks so much John.

    Tony Express
  • Very professional, friendly service! I would most definitely recommend their services.

    Kyrston B.

    Thanks so much Kyrston

    Tony Express
  • I really liked this service and the way the person on the phone, setting up the times and keeping in touch with me as the time approached.

    Yvonne H.

    Thank you Yvonne. It was my pleasure.

    Tony Express

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