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Let us take the stress off your shoulders with EZ helpers we also have 5 years experience maximizing space in your uhaul vehicle

Ez movers gets it done
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Moving Helpers do not provide moving trucks or supplies

  • Labor Rate:
    $180.00 USD

    Note: This provider offers a discounted hourly rate of $85.00 per hour after 5 hours

Moving Helper's travel fee
Compensates the Moving Helper® for travel to and from your work site.
$0.00 USD
$180.00 USD
$0.00 USD
$180.00 USD
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  • He told me he lives far away and I should pay for an extra hour, since he lives far.

    miatta g.
  • The Moving Helper told me that they can do only if minimum 3 hours is booked and asked me to cancel it. It is less than 2 hours work, and hence I booked only for 2 hours thru Uhaul and it had minimum 2 hours. Because of that I had cancel all my plan. Immediately I asked Uhaul to cancel both truck and moving help, but looks like they have cancelled only the truck and I am charged for the moving help. I need refund.

  • no call show

    walter j.

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