Allen Sports Deluxe 2 Bike Rack

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Carry up to two bicycles on road trips or camping excursions with the Allen two-bike carrier hitch. The hitch insert is easy to operate and super secure for your bikes. Just attach it to your hitch, then use the tie-down cradle system to individually secure and protect the bikes. The carry arm accommodates a wide range of frame sizes and designs, so you can carry your kid-size mountain bike or adult road bike with equal confidence. And you don’t have to remove your bikes to access the back of your truck or SUV, as the rack tilts back for easy lift-gate access and folds out of the way completely when not in use.

  • Carrying capacity: 2 bikes (70 lbs maximum)
  • Hitch insert fits 1-1/4” & 2” receivers hitches
  • No-wobble bolt eliminates movement of rack inside of hitch

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what is model number

–joannie 7/11/2019 3:30:46 PM

Hello, Joannie! This bike rack is the Allen Sports model number 522RR-R. Thanks for asking!

–Savannah 7/12/2019 1:02:15 PM

Can i rent a bike rake for the season?

–Gabrielle Griffith 4/21/2018 8:01:54 AM

Hey, Gabrielle! No, we do not offer bike racks for rent at this time. Thank you!

–Savannah 4/24/2018 9:42:44 AM

Do you rent bike racks

–Sheri 4/21/2018 6:14:28 AM

Hi, Sheri! No, we do not rent bike racks at this time. Thanks for asking!

–Savannah 4/24/2018 9:42:08 AM

Is the post's vertical height adjustable? If not, how far above the hitch are the rack's 2 "arms'?

–Doug 4/14/2018 1:41:53 PM

Hi, Doug! The vertical post is not adjustable. The arms are approximately 35 inches from the top of the hitch shank. I hope that is helpful!

–Savannah 5/21/2018 4:01:47 PM

How much is hitch installation and rack cost?

–Crews 2/1/2018 1:21:38 PM

Hello! The price of the rack is currently $89.99 USD (113.99 CAD). For hitch and rack installation pricing, please contact the U-Haul Hitch Center that you would like to have the hitch and rack installed at. Thank you!

–Savannah 2/1/2018 3:31:46 PM

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