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The U-Haul Medium Electronics Box is designed for moving, storing and shipping televisions, microwaves, stereo equipment, gaming consoles, music players, computers, miscellaneous electronic accessories, and much more. This box is double walled to provide extra protection to the enclosed items. It can hold up to 120 pounds, making it ideal for heavier household items. The handles on the sides of the box make moving and lifting even easier.

  • Box dimensions: 24” x 24” x 20” (6.7 cu/ft)
  • Box weight: 5.90 lbs.
  • Gross weight limit: 120 lbs.
  • ECT: 51
  • Meets USPS, UPS, and FedEx shipping requirements
  • Double wall box
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Customer Reviews Medium Electronics Box

V P.

These would actually be more helpful if they were not cubic -- because they get too big to be usable. What's needed is something with the larger width and length dimensions, but not the height.


Really strong double-wall box good for heavy items, like sewing machines, computers, oversized pottery, dishes.

Susan S.

Good size, good price.

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what is the maximum weight that the TC/Microwave box can hold. I have a 78' statue that I want to pack and ship in a Container.

–Bob 4/22/2014 11:05:04 AM

Our buyer notes: "120 lbs. It is a double wall box."

–Ronald 4/22/2014 11:40:01 AM

Do you have double walled boxes without the labeling on the outside?

–Sian M 5/1/2015 1:19:16 PM

No, all of our double walled boxes are imaged.

–Joseph 5/7/2015 4:23:08 PM

I know this says 19in. microwave, but the box dimensions are confusing. I have a microwave that measures 22" wide (across the front) by 15" tall and 15" deep (front to back). Will this box work for me?

–Leigh 6/16/2015 8:09:06 PM

Leigh, your microwave will absolutely fit in this box. But, keep in mind that you will only have an extra inch on each side of your microwave to pack protective material!

The reason this box is named The 19" TV/Microwave Box is because it will fit most sized 19" TVs and microwaves, which were a standard at one point in time.

–Joseph 6/17/2015 4:45:36 PM

Can I use the 19" microwave box to move other heavy items as it is double walled and can hold up to 2 times the weight held by extra large boxes?

–Hala 9/5/2015 6:00:16 AM

Yes, you can use this box for many other heavy items as well as a durable shipping box.

–Joseph 9/8/2015 12:05:43 PM

Yes, you can use this box for many other heavy items as well as a durable shipping box.

–Joseph 9/8/2015 12:05:48 PM

What is the weight of the heavy duty 19 inch TV microwave box? I need to know the weight of the box itself - NOT how much weight it will hold.

–Jenny C. 11/8/2015 9:36:31 PM

This box weights 5.97 lbs.

Thanks for asking!

–Joseph 11/9/2015 9:13:23 AM

I have a toaster oven, 20" W 17" deep and 12" high. I have added about 1/4" to these dimensions. Will it fit in this box?

–Dottie 5/17/2016 5:04:18 PM

Yes it will fit. The box dimensions are 24" wide x 24" long x 20" high.

–Joseph 5/18/2016 9:00:04 AM

Would it hold a 21" iMac securely? Shipping it to Hawaii in a cargo ship

–Jill Doting 7/23/2016 2:31:37 PM

Securing an item is always in the way that you pack it. If packed properly (we recommend Anti-Static Bubble), the item should arrive safe and secure to its destination.

–SAVANNAH 7/25/2016 9:16:23 AM

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