Receiver Adapter
2-1/2" To 2"

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One piece insert used for converting the size of the receiving tube from 2 1/2" to 2".

  • Easy to install

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How do you install this adapter?

–Will 6/20/2018 8:09:39 PM

Hey, Will! Simply insert the adapter into your receiver hitch and align the 5/8" pin and clip holes. Your 2" shank is now ready to be inserted into the adapter. I hope that is helpful!

–Savannah 7/23/2018 10:46:57 AM

What is the towing capacity for this item?

–Anon 7/17/2017 6:44:01 AM

Hello! This receiver adapter's towing capacity is limited to the receiver hitch capacities. Thank you!

–Savannah 8/7/2017 11:09:07 AM

Can I use this with a weight distribution system to pull my camper.

–Robin 12/19/2016 3:14:52 PM

The 2.5" to 2" reducer works with weight distribution systems.

–TIMOTHY 12/23/2016 7:23:40 AM

How long is the adapter?

–David 10/6/2015 8:03:44 PM

The overall length of the adapter is 5-1/2".

–Joseph 10/8/2015 1:24:23 PM

Does this adapter come with the longer pin and clip? If not which pin and clip does it require

–Chet Harris 3/27/2015 7:49:04 AM

The Adapter5 does not include a pin and clip. Secure the Adapter5 and your 2-1/2" receiver accessory with the U-Haul dual bent pin lock found online or at your local U-Haul center.

–Joseph 3/30/2015 12:34:33 PM

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