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One cutter does it all! Features ergonomically designed easy grip handle, blade storage compartment, blade depth setting, and more. Clip the holster to your belt, and never lose your cutter again.

  • Ambidextrous for both right and left handed users
  • Includes one cutter with three blades, one holder and one lanyard
  • Three manual settings for blade depth correspond to the type of box being cut
  • Extra blade storage with easy blade change

Easy Cut Knife Reviews (23)

5 out of 5 stars with 23 reviews

Kathy H.

Recommends this product

We are a medical supply warehouse and this is the only knife we allow the employees to use as they minimize the risk of slicing through the sterile inner packages.

Jo-Anne B.

Recommends this product

The easy cut knife is wonderful. I work in retail and I'm always opening boxes to stock the shelves. Because I squeeze the knife my hands, especially my thumb, don't ache like it used too. It is a great product.

Derrick S.

Recommends this product

Easy to use and they are very safe to use

Penny C.

Recommends this product

nice to have an extra......just in case.

Dennis B.

It came with no instructions on how to adjust the blade length. Not what I was expecting as far as being adjustable.

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