Cordova Coldsnap Cooling Towel


Product Description

Do you love the outdoors or have a passion for exercising? Do you struggle with perspiration because of a rise in temperature? Cordova Safety Products is proud to present its super-absorbent blue cooling towel, known to relieve heat stress and accelerate the cooling process. As an added bonus, its evaporative material is treated with an anti-microbial agent to prevent mildew and odor. Each towel is 33.5” x 13 inches, washable and reusable. Grab yours today!

  • Super absorbent & evaporative PVA material accelerates the cooling process
  • Cooling relief lasts for hours
  • Anti-microbial treated to prevent mildew & odor
  • Reusable: rinse, wring, fold and place back in storage tube
  • Washable: machine or hand wash. Air dry. (towel will soften when reactivated with water)

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