Moving Harnesses - 2 Pack

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The two-pack of Moving Harnesses, when used with 2 Forearm Forklift Moving Straps, allows you and a partner to lift and move large, heavy items with extra support to prevent injuries. The Moving Harness encourages proper lifting techniques and uses leverage to make those heavy items feel much lighter.

  • All straps are 3” wide
  • Weight rating: 700 lbs.
  • Detailed instructions are included in the package
  • Contains only the two-pack of Moving Harnesses.
  • The Forearm Forklifts are sold separately.

Customer Reviews Moving Harnesses - 2 Pack

Sylvia S.

This product has not been used yet so I can’t really give you any kind of a comment on it

Kyle K.

Works like it's supposed to. Shippped extremely quick. 2 thumbs up.

Sarah A.

haven't used yet but have heard they are good. watched professional movers use them for moving a washer and dryer. They simplified the job.

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Is this to RENT or BUY?

–Edmund 5/19/2015 9:08:17 AM

This is for sale, not available to rent.

–Joseph 5/22/2015 4:12:22 PM

What's the best item to use when moving a refrigerator up stairs? Would it be the Straps? Or a dolly be better and easier? Any ideas? To keep are

–Steve 8/19/2015 4:14:26 PM

Depending on the strength of the people moving, you could use the ShoulderDolly, the Forearm Forklift, or rent an appliance dolly from your local U-Haul store.

–Joseph 8/28/2015 3:43:39 PM

Can straps be used by one person to move larger heavy boxes?

–jillian 1/6/2017 5:01:28 PM

Hi Jillian. These straps are designed for use by two people working together. When working alone it would probably be best to use a dolly, depending on what you are trying to lift. For heavy boxes a dolly would work perfectly.

–TIMOTHY 1/9/2017 7:19:19 AM

Is this item good for moving washer and drier? Or is it not able to hold the weight

–Roxanna 3/2/2018 9:01:46 AM

Hi, Roxanna! Moving harnesses can handle up to 700 pounds. As long as your washer or dryer is not more than 700 pounds, these can be used to move them. Thanks for asking!

–Savannah 3/2/2018 10:32:23 AM

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