Solo Lift Pro With Holster

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The Solo Lift allows a box to be lifted and carried with only one hand! No preparation of the box is needed. Simply grab the box using the Solo Lift and go. The box is carried at your side, allowing you to see what is front of you, such as a curbs, puddles or steps. You also have one hand free to open doors, press elevator buttons or hold handrails. Box Contains - Solo Lift with attached pin pads along with a holster.

  • Keep one hand free while carrying a box.
  • No box preparation needed.
  • Grab the box using the Solo Lift and go!
  • Helps prevent: Low back strain and back pain.

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What is the capacity weight?

–Roy 11/9/2013 8:05:24 AM

The Solo Lift Pro can hold boxes up to 40 lbs.

–Stephen 11/11/2013 6:20:06 AM

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