Steel Propane Tank (30 lbs.)

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UHaul offers a 30lb upright cylinder which features a rugged, consistent design intended to withstand the rigors of construction, camping, and all other purposes. Our steel 30lb cylinder is of the highest quality. Coupled with competitive pricing and proven customer support, our 30lb cylinder quality and value is a tough combination to beat.

Steel Propane Tank (30 lbs.) Reviews (6)

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G C.

Recommends this product

Fast delivery and exactly what was described.

Jack P.

Fast shipping. Tanks were stamped with a recent date which is a good thing. They came pre-purged.

Anonymous customer

on time and in execellent condition

Anonymous customer

Great propane tank. Packed very well and best price online, that was in stock. Also saved on sales tax.


This tank is perfect (I bought two) for my travel trailer and adds much more capacity for those cold winter weekends camping. Highly recommend buying from uhaul. The prices are great and the shipping is fast.

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I want to use this with a WIN back up generator (in case of our Florida storms). What size tank do you recommend? How many hours would I get with this 30lb tank? Generator will pull no more than 8,300 running watts. And finally can the tank be delivered full in North Port?

–John Prescott 6/12/2019 10:20:28 PM

Hi, John! A Propane generator is a good way to go for backup power. You will need to know how many BTU’s are burned in an hour with your generator. A 30 lb. cylinder holds 30 lbs. of propane. 1 lb. of propane is 22,000 BTUs. We can ship the cylinder to your address, but you will need to take it to a local U-Haul store to get it filled. Thank you!

–Savannah 6/13/2019 11:58:49 AM

Is this tank compatible with forklift use?

–Anthony 1/3/2019 6:45:34 AM

Hi, Anthony! No, a forklift requires a liquid propane service valve with an ACME 1-1/4" fitting. It also needs to be usable in the horizontal and vertical position. OPD30 is only to be used in the vertical position, has a QCC service/fill valve and is designed for vapor appliances. We do offer a Horizontal Steel Propane Forklift Tank (33 lbs.) and 33 lb. Aluminum Forklift Cylinder. These options are both meant for use with a forklift. Thank you!

–Savannah 1/3/2019 8:57:10 AM

Compre un tanque de 30 lbs y cuando encendi la parrilla se congela el regulador espero ustedes puedan ayudarme con esto gracias.

–Luis Ramos 11/22/2018 4:41:22 PM

¡Hola, Luis! Es posible que tenga un regulador dañado. Por favor utilice el número de pieza F271161 para reemplazar su regulador. ¡Gracias!

–Savannah 12/4/2018 1:21:09 PM

When Full, how much heavier is this tank than your standard 20lb tank?

–Jay 12/13/2017 8:01:38 PM

Hello, Jay! A full, 30 pounds cylinder will hold more pounds of propane plus the added TW tare weight. There is not a standard on tare weight and it will vary depending on the cylinder manufacturer. I hope that is helpful!

–Savannah 12/15/2017 8:50:56 AM

Are these tanks pre-purged?

–Art 8/12/2015 1:19:41 PM

Hey Art, thanks for asking!

This propane tank is most defnitely pre-purged for safety.

–Joseph 8/17/2015 4:52:41 PM

How many gallons of propane is this tank?

–Jacob 5/18/2015 7:35:13 PM

A 30 lb tanks holds approximately 7 gallons of propane. Thanks for asking!

–Joseph 5/19/2015 3:52:17 PM

do you have 30 lbs propane tank in stock

–R 2/10/2014 2:04:26 PM

Yes. At the time of this response, we do have stock on the 30lb tank.

–Ronald 2/10/2014 2:09:57 PM

Do you have 30lb tanks In stock.

–duane miller 2/6/2014 7:34:16 PM

Yes. At the time of this response, we do have stock on the 30lb tank.

–Ronald 2/7/2014 8:58:15 AM

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