Come Along Cable Puller, 2 Ton Dual Drive

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For raising, tightening, loosening, lowering, stretching and tying down. Applications: Automotive, Construction, Fencing, Farm/Ranch, Recreation, Boating, Manufacturing, Utilities, Shipping, Home/Office.

  • 2 Ton Double Ratchet Drive
  • Cable Liniter, keeps two wraps of cable on the ratchet wheel.
  • Releases load one nothch at a time.
  • Laminated steel ratchet wheel.
  • Plated steel for rust resistance.
  • Drop forged safety hooks.
  • Meets OSHA, ASME & ANSI specs.
  • Cable 6 feet long

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How long is the cable/max length it can be dropped down ?

–Adel 1/25/2018 5:12:50 PM

Hi, Adel! The cable is 6 feet long. Thanks for asking!

–Savannah 1/30/2018 9:09:53 AM

Can you use this come along to the UHaul 6x12 trailer with ramp. Does it come with a long cable or extension so it can pull an object up a 6x12 trailer ramp?

–Raymond White 2/2/2016 4:22:02 PM

The PWRPULL includes a 6' cable.

Please visit your local U-Haul location to view our trailers and speak with a representative about your cargo and loading options.

–Joseph 2/3/2016 8:04:51 AM

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