Pair pack of 7’ Axle Ratchet - Alternative Tie-Down for Auto Transport

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Utilizes Back Off Technology during loading and after transport. BOT Tech allows controlled release of up to 60% of post tension versus 100% of ALL current designs sold in retail.

  • For use with part number AT18720 - 30" x 2" axle strap two D rings pair pack.

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Does the vehicle towing trailer come with a winch or a come along

–Mr Studer 2/4/2019 9:22:13 AM

Hello! No, U-Haul trucks and trailers do not include any kind of winch or come-along. Thanks for asking!

–Savannah 2/18/2019 10:54:52 AM

My tires are 31.5", the trailer is approved for a 2003 4runner. But what do I need to buy to make it work? Looks like four of these straps and webbing? Do you have the webbing for sale?

–Bryon Gebhard 9/24/2018 1:13:40 PM

Hello, Byron! We recommend stopping by your local U-Haul Location to identify the appropriate automotive tie-down option for you. Thank you!

–Savannah 10/30/2018 3:45:28 PM

i need to tie down a motorcycle to one of your uhaul trailers. will this pair be enough for it?

–tony 5/14/2018 11:48:49 AM

I will be pulling a trailer with a car what do I need to tie it down do you supply tie downs or do I have to buy them and if I do are they available where I will be picking the u haul truck and trailet up.

–Gail Kramer 9/29/2017 9:18:10 AM

Hi, Gail! U-Haul trailers are equipped with ratchet-operated tire straps and vehicle security chains. I hope that is helpful. Thank you!

–Savannah 10/11/2017 12:19:31 PM

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