SmartStraps 10’ Tactical Ratchet Tie-Downs - Pack of 2 - 1,500 lb. Breaking Strength

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The SmartStraps tactical ratchet tie-downs are stronger and more user-friendly than standard ratcheting tie-downs. They can be used for lighter loads often hauled in a pick-up truck or on a small trailer such as dirt bikes, ATVs or lawn tractors. They provide extra-long webbing on the attachment end for hard-to-reach anchor points. They also feature diamond knurl handles for increased grip and rubber bumpers along the ratchets to protect your cargo from scratching. Use the built-in soft-tie loop to secure cargo without damaging paint or chrome.

  • Innovative, noise-reducing synthetic washers allow for a quiet, stealth-like ratcheting system
  • Military-grade construction provides superior durability and strength
  • Increased tooth count for precise load adjustment allows for greater control when securing your load
  • 2 straps included, each with 10’ of adjustable length - 1” wide
  • 1,500 lb. breaking strength
  • 500 lb. safe work load

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