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Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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Product description

For car tires, truck tires, small trailer tires, all the way to large RV tires. Sensors simply attach to your valve stems and send tire pressure readings to the monitor located on your dash. For distraction free driving, the monitor closes and triggers warning lights and audible alerts if tire pressure is low. With the touch of a button, the monitor opens to show the tire location and pressure of the low tire(s).

  • Easily installs in minutes.
  • Fully customizable with multi-vehicle memory
  • Wireless technology
  • This system warns you BEFORE tires get low enough to blow out.
  • In box: One monitor with non-skid pad. One power cord. Four tire sensors. (additional sensors sold separately)
  • (4) memory positions to avoid reprogram when in a different vehicle. Re-call at the push of a button.
  • Tracks up to 24 tires simultaneously and works on all sizes of tires up to (150 psi). System even works when vehicle is not moving.
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