4” x 4” x 36” Box

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This 4” x 4” x 36” box is ideal for moving, shipping, and storing a variety of items.

  • Box Dimensions: 4” x 4” x 36”
  • Empty box weight: 0.45 lbs.
  • Gross maximum weight: 65 lbs.
  • ECT: 32
  • Meets USPS, UPS, and FedEx shipping requirements
  • This box is online only and cannot be picked up at a U-Haul location

4” x 4” x 36” Box Reviews (6)

4 out of 5 stars with 6 reviews


Recommends this product

super fast shipping and great price. ULINE would have cost me 3 times the price.

Delaine C.

Recommends this product

I had a very difficult time finding this size box… And you haul had it! It was the perfect fit for what I needed. It was shipped/received in a timely manner.

ray d.

box was creased in middle, but usable.


Wanted to ship my poster, which fitted perfectly in that shipping box but I think I should've gotten the tube instead because I'm scared the shipping box might bend.

max p.

this box is perfect for packing fishing poles, just had to do some upgrading but this worked just right.

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I have a craft made from wood which is a scarecrow.. what kind of box can I use? 28 inches long and17 inches wide

–Sandra Lindsey 10/5/2017 3:07:40 PM

Hey, Sandra! It's possible your scarecrow will fit in our Laydown Wardrobe Box, but you would need to measure all 3 dimensions to be certain (measure length, width, and height). We also recommend making sure you protect the scarecrow in the box with a protective material such as Biodegradable Packing Peanuts or Enviro-Bubble. I hope that is helpful!

–Savannah 10/6/2017 10:32:32 AM

Can I pick one of these boxes up at a store

–Tracy 8/9/2016 5:16:26 PM

Sorry Tracy, this box is only available online.

–SAVANNAH 8/11/2016 10:56:46 AM

Is this box strong enough to protect a poster sent by US Mail?

–Clint 9/3/2015 4:55:10 PM

The box will protect your poster, however it's impossible to control what may happen in transport that could cause damage. You will likely have a better outcome using a mailing tube.

–Joseph 9/4/2015 12:07:15 PM

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