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Disposable Moisture Absorber

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Product description

Absorber, disposable moisture, corrugated carton strip

  • E-750 Moisture Trap provides dampness protection that is ideal for home and lifestyle uses.
  • Moisture absorption for your home pantry
  • Moisture protection for wooden products such as cabinets and furniture
  • Protection of electronic products including computers and stereo equipment
  • Leather goods as well as shoes, coats and jackets
  • Metal products including safes and storage boxes
  • Textile products together with seasonal clothing and bath items
  • Suggested areas to hang the E-750 include:
    - Medium sized closets
    - Basement storage and laundry areas
    - Inside humid portable storage units
    - Lifestyle areas such as recreational vehicles and boats in addition to light duty and heavy duty truck cabs
  • Absorbs 200% of its own weight - Prevents mold and mildew
  • Works up to a 750 cubic ft. area and lasts up to 45 days
  • Spill and mess free - Disposable
  • Size: 23"x 6"x 1" - Image above displays each side of the E750
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