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Pilot Electronic Brake Control - 100% solid state - For up to 3 axle electric brake systems - Compatible with antilock-brake systems.

  • For all trailers with electric brakes: Utility, boat, and travel trailers.
  • Easy to read two digit power display. Display shows voltage output.
  • Initiates trailer brake activation with depression of the tow vehicle pedal.
  • Flexible mounting options, even upside down.

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Will this unit work on a 2005 dodge ram 1500 SLT 4.7 L V8 4 door ?

–John Derucki 8/8/2018 3:31:33 PM

Hi, John! Yes, all of the U-Haul brake controllers, including the 13523 Pilot, will work for your vehicle. Thank you!

–Savannah 9/20/2018 10:06:10 AM

do you have the brake control and all adapters in house for a 2014 F-150

–Michael 7/27/2017 5:49:24 AM

Hey, Michael! Please use brake control harness part 13521 and Prodigy brake control part 13522. Both can be found at any U-Haul Hitch Center. Please contact the location of your choice to get those parts. Thank you!

–Savannah 8/10/2017 1:38:39 PM

Does this controller has to be installed horizontally? My 2016 Durango has a knee airbag where the controller used to be installed in previous models.

–Rick 6/16/2016 2:24:44 PM

The Pilot brake control part 13523 will work mounted at any angle, even up side down.

–SAVANNAH 6/17/2016 8:13:46 AM

Do you have the electric brake control in the stores or would it have to be ordered

–Sheila McCurry 12/15/2015 6:09:38 PM

Most U-Haul stores carry a variety of electric brake control units and accessories.

–Joseph 12/17/2015 9:55:01 AM

I have a 2010 Toyota Tundra with tow package. Do I need purchase the brake control or is this already installed and part of the tow package?

–Patrick 10/16/2015 12:50:16 PM

The Toyota Tundra tow package does not include the brake control unit. After selecting a brake control, please also see the OEM style plug in adapter part 13505 to complete the install.

–Joseph 10/20/2015 11:09:10 AM

is this controller compatible for a Toyota 4 runner 2003

–James 5/4/2015 6:48:16 PM

The 13523 brake control can be installed to the 2003 Toyota 4Runner.

For complete parts and pricing, please call or visit your local U-Haul center.

–Joseph 5/7/2015 4:05:26 PM

We purchased a pilot Hidden hitch for towing a 24ft enclosed trailer. We now want to tow a flat car trailer. The brakes hang on the trailer after tow vehicle brakes are released. It is causing tires to lock up. It is elect brakes. Can you help? Have no info on how to adjust the hitch.

–Fred Acton 11/22/2014 10:31:04 AM

"Please schedule an appointment with your local U-Haul hitch center, the U-Haul hitch pro will quickly determine whether your trailer brake issue is mechanical or electrical and make the necessary repairs."

–Ronald 11/24/2014 2:26:09 PM

"Please schedule an appointment with your local U-Haul hitch center, the U-Haul hitch pro will quickly determine whether your trailer brake issue is mechanical or electrical and make the necessary repairs."

–Ronald 11/24/2014 2:26:55 PM

I had this installed on my truck , the tech was gone when I picked up my truck. I have no information as to how to operate or adjust . Driving with the trailer hooked up c shows up on the LED screen . I step on the brake 1.0 shows , I don't feel or hear brake. Nor could I push the button to over ride. Is this normal. I received no instructions .

–Bob 7/20/2014 6:48:45 PM

"The letter C on the display means that you are connected to a trailer and the 1.0 shows the amount of power that is being applied to the trailer brakes. Once the control has been installed, it is necessary to set the power needed to stop the trailer during a braking event. Please visit your local U-Haul center and ask for the brake control manual. Below are the 5 steps for adjusting the power to the trailer brakes. 1) Connect trailer to tow vehicle. 2) Locate the manual slide knob and power knob. 3) While applying the manual slide knob turn power knob until display reads 4.0. 4) Drive tow vehicle and trailer on a dry level paved surface at 25 mph and apply manual slide knob. •If trailer brakes lock up, turn power down using power knob. •If braking was not sufficient, turn power up using power knob. 5) Repeat step (4) until power has been set to a point just below wheel lock up or at a sufficient force as to achieve maximum braking power."

–Ronald 7/22/2014 11:13:34 AM

are brake controller wiring adapters available for 2014 dodge caravan

–emartin5@verizon.net 6/20/2014 11:03:17 AM

"Currently U-Haul offers the hardwire option for the 2014 Dodge Caravan. Please contact your local U-Haul center for complete parts and pricing."

–Ronald 6/24/2014 7:39:37 AM

do you install electronic braking devices? If so, what does this cost?

–Neil Hollis 12/4/2013 4:33:57 AM

U-Haul sells and installs complete tow packages. Pricing for brake control installations will vary slightly according to each vehicles OEM tow prep package. In most cases, U-Haul will install a brake control for the price of the parts and only 30 minutes to 1 hour labor charge. For complete pricing, please contact your local U-Haul center.

–Ronald 12/5/2013 8:15:37 AM

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