ModuLite® HD Protector 119191

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Modulite® HD protector with integrated circuit and overload protection trailer light power module & installation kit T-One connector assembly w/upgraded circuit protected modulite® module.

  • Converts vehicle functions from a 3 wire system to a trailer 2 wire system. Draws Power directly from the Vehicle Battery and only uses less then 5 milliamps of the vehicle circuit for sensing (Standby Current < 2mA) to turn the trailer functions on and off.
  • Heavy-Duty! Rated for up to 4.2 amps for Turns/Stop circuits and 7.5 amps for the Taillight circuit
  • Has integrated re-settable Short Circuit and Overload protection, to safeguard itself and the tow vehicle from shorts and installation wiring mishaps
  • All-solid state components in potted encapsulation
  • Works with either LED or Incandescent bulbs (input/output)this gives trailer lights full brightness
  • Designed not to send feedback thru the vehicle circuits
  • Interprets/decodes multiplex signal inputs (BMW & Mercedes applications)
  • Upgraded circuitry works with vehicles that use a pulse width modulation (PWM)

ModuLite® HD Protector 119191 Reviews (7)

3 out of 5 stars with 7 reviews

Russell M.

I need a return shipping label for this product. Plus a refund of my purchase price. This product was received five days too late.

Jean F.

Recommends this product

The curtis plug and play are easier to install. I had to splice a longer wire to reach the passenger side flasher but with he youtube video everything worked as it should

Jason T.

Recommends this product

Wires weren’t long enough for the vehicle I was installing it on. Had to splice wires in and that just looks amateur. Was not happy about that

Frank V.

Was not plug and play for my car. You sent a generic wiring set

Alexandre J.

Recommends this product

Comes with all the conector needed and zip ties. Nice solid built

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Will this wiring module work with a 2013 Mercedes ML350? I had a hitch installed with U-Haul last week, and part # 14493 just would not work with my vehicles wiring. Kept throwing off "Tailight Errors" on the dash. Stop lights and running lights worked fine, but tailights were inconsistent. Might be because there are LEDs in the tailight. Hoping this new module will do the trick.

–Chris 3/26/2015 9:27:22 AM

Our hitch pro writes "The 14493 and CQT119191 are both compatible with the 2013 Mercedes ML 350 LED and incandescent taillight systems. Keeping the taillights connected while testing and installing a trailer wiring harness to a Mercedes has always worked best for me."

Thank you!

–Joseph 3/30/2015 8:36:40 AM

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