Blazer C6423 Trailer Light Kit

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The Blazer C6423 Trailer Light Kit is the complete kit for trailers under 80” wide. It comes with two stop/tail/turn lights, two side markers, wire harness, license plate bracket, and mounting hardware. This kit is ideal for utility, camping, snowmobile and motorcycle trailers.

  • Kit includes two /tail/turn lights, 2 side markers, wire harness, license plate bracket and mounting hardware.
  • Stud mount design with 2” on center spacing
  • Complete with trilingual instructions
  • Replacement bulbs are standard auto #1157
  • 20 foot, 4-strand trailer wire

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If i buy a trailer light kit from you. Can you install it on my trailer

–Derrick b Agnew 10/11/2020 12:27:25 PM

Hi Derrick, Yes! U-Haul installs a wide variety of hitch and towing components. Please contact your local U-Haul Hitch Center to schedule an installation and to receive a pricing quote. Thank you!

–Frank 10/12/2020 10:39:21 AM

What gauge is the wire?

–Eric 1/22/2020 6:21:54 AM

Hello, Eric! On the 4 flat wiring harness, the ground (white) wire is 16 gauge. All other wires are 18 gauge. I hope that is helpful!

–Savannah 1/24/2020 8:46:52 AM

What's the length of the wire ? I have a ten foot trailer

–Matt 8/3/2017 9:23:25 AM

Hello, Matt! This kit includes 20 feet of 4-strand trailer wire. Thanks for asking!

–Savannah 8/30/2017 3:23:17 PM

Can u-haul install this for me

–JR Boyette 5/14/2017 3:10:13 PM

Hi, JR! Please contact your local U-Haul Hitch Center for more information on installation and pricing.

–Savannah 5/24/2017 10:37:33 AM

are These LED trailer lights submersable

–Rodney 2/20/2017 11:43:41 AM

Light kit TAC6423 are not submersible lights. Please see U-Haul submersible trailer light kit part TAC6421.

–TIMOTHY 2/22/2017 9:19:52 AM

Is there a wiring kit to connect UHaul trailers lights to an SUV which is not Prewired?

–Mahlon Bryan 10/8/2016 12:14:41 PM

Please visit or call your local U-Haul hitch center for complete vehicle specific parts and pricing.

–TIMOTHY 11/16/2016 3:42:51 PM

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