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For 75-plus years, U-Haul has been the go-to choice of do-it-yourself movers. Whether it's an in-town move from living with your parents to an apartment with your friends or across the country to start a life with your new, expanded family, we want to see it. We've constantly made moving easier with the customer in mind. Now we want to share your stories.

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Here you can upload your photos and add a message about your moving memory. Simply include your name, email address, city, and state. You can also email us your photos at As well as tagging us on our Instagram @uhaul and using #uhaulfamous.

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For U-Haul customers that previously uploaded photos at any point or through the U-Haul famous® program, you can find the location of your photo below by entering your email or Instagram account username that you used to submit the photo.

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