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Moving a TV can be a hassle for anyone to accomplish when moving because individuals have to move successfully. Well, one of the most significant assets to any person or family is their television set. Nowadays, a TV can range anywhere from $200 to $5,000 depending on specifications, quality, and features integrated into the television model. As one of the most expensive and used items in American households, it's a no-brainer to ensure that you invest in protection to ensure you have many years of movies, entertainment, and family memories around your TV.

Just as television manufacturers take significant time to design, engineer, and ensure that once a TV is completed during the manufacturing process, it is protected for its long voyage to storefronts everywhere to be sold without being damaged or harmed during the transit process. The same mindset goes for do-it-yourself movers. The U-Haul Ultimate TV Packing Kit has the same philosophy. Like TV manufacturers, our mission is to ensure that our consumer base has the tools they need to get the correct packing and protection when it comes to their expensive flat-screen television. Which in some cases can be a costly investment depending on model and television features.

At U-Haul, we are on a mission to provide do-it-yourself movers the best offerings of television packing and protection products in the industry. We believe that giving our customer base all-inclusive kit options will provide them with a much better buying and moving experience. During the duration of this article, U-Haul will provide you with a comprehensive overview of how each product within our Ultimate TV Packing Kit will give you the advantage while moving or storing. Finally, giving you peace of mind when you're getting ready to pack for an upcoming big move or putting your television away in storage!

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Peace Of Mind

When you start planning on making a new journey to a new home or life-changing event, it most often requires moving. Moving is just part of the process to get your life moving forward in a new direction, whether you're planning to live somewhere new or relocate for your career. With that being said, moving can be very stressful for some because everyone must go through it. Gaining peace of mind can be problematic for some, but U-Haul is here to reassure you that we have you in mind to gain confidence in your move, especially when it comes to your television!

Anytime you have to move, it can be stressful for various reasons, so gaining peace of mind can be very hard at times, but that doesn't have to be the case, especially when thinking critically about packing your items. Luckily, U-Haul has taken all of the headaches out by developing an all-inclusive TV packing kit to help every do-it-yourself mover out there. Any mover's last worry is if something happened to their very expensive LED 1080P TV while traveling across town or the country. Our Ultimate TV Packing Kit will give you the peace of mind you need whenever you're moving a TV.

Giving you and your family a sense of relief that your hard-earned television will be safe from damage, water, and static electricity while you're on your journey to your new home or storage place!

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Maximum Protection

Anytime you are in the beginning stages of moving, we have come to understand at U-Haul, one of the first steps is gathering up the proper moving supplies to get your packing started. For example, when U-Haul realized that more and more people are transporting their televisions to their new destination or keeping them in storage. We realized that our packing was not up to par, so we came up with an all-inclusive kit that gives the consumer the ability to protect their television.

When U-Haul started researching and developing our Ultimate TV Packing Kit, we began to think of the essential reasons why TVs get damaged through the moving or storage process. What we came to find was pretty astonishing. More often than not, we surveyed that individuals would pack their TVs in a soft, comforting blanket and tape around them to have a plush cloth on it while not thinking of what truly can damage their high-end television. Below you will find all the fantastic products we offer in our all-inclusive TV Packing Kit.

U-Haul TV Box:

Unlike other TV boxes to help you move your television, U-Haul designed a double-walled corrugated cardboard box that has the extra strength it needs to hold a substantial amount of weight no matter if your TV is 40 inches or 70 inches. We designed it to have maximum structural integrity and rigidity for whatever comes your way. The boxes are designed to telescope into one another for easy adjustment to the size of the TV. Each box includes five handles to make lifting and moving the boxes more accessible.

TV Foam Cushion Corners:

While the TV box is there for external protection and to hold the television, our cushion foam corners provide shock protection against the chance of damage from dropping, colliding with other boxes during your move, and abrupt movements while in transit in a U-Haul moving truck. This, combined with our TV box, will give you the advantage of maximum protection for whatever the journey throws your way.

Flat Screen TV Cover:

The U-Haul Flat Screen TV Cover will help protect your television from dust, dirt, and debris. It is3 ideal for moving and storing as well as home renovations such as painting. In addition, helping your TV prevent any scratches or defects that may happen during a move or while in storage.

Furniture Pads:

As designated in its name, Furniture Pads have many great uses to help decrease the chance of damage in nicks and scratches while you're handling or moving expensive furniture. Well, consumers can use them to do the exact purpose of protection when it comes to your television. Why not have a sense of extra peace of mind when you're moving either around town or long distances. One pad can easily cover and protect most items.

Movers Wrap:

This is a great way to shrink all your items while packing to condense your packing. But what our mover's wrap will do for you in our Ultimate TV Packing Kit. It keeps a tight seal to protect and condense your around the provided protection in the television packing kit.

Anti-Static TV Cover:

Unlike standard plastic TV protectors, the Anti-Static TV Cover prevents static electricity from damaging your TV’s internal components due to its static dissipative pink coating. Pair your Anti-Static TV Cover with a U-Haul TV Moving Box Kit for optimal protection and storage. Save time and money by reusing the Anti-Static TV Cover during future moves or home renovation projects. Order your U-Haul Anti-Static TV Cover today!

Box Tape:

Nothing speaks more to moving than tape, but to complete your maximum protection, you're going to need substantial box tape to ensure a proper seal on your TV Box. That is why we offer our best tape in the kit!

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Safe & Secure

Knowing that the U-Haul Ultimate TV Packing Kit will keep you safe from scratches, damage, and electronic failure from the elements and unexpected circumstances will give you a sense of safety and security. Otherwise, you wouldn't have peace of mind and a sense of relief during the moving process. With anything important to any individual or family, you will want to have a certain amount of safety and security to ensure that your valuables are protected because of the initial cost of purchase and investment you made for a long-term purpose.

That is why we are offering such a diverse kit for your television because this item not only brings you enjoyment and entertainment but brings people together. U-Haul understands this, which is why we sincerely care for our do-it-yourself movers to provide them with the tools to be the critical edge in their moving experience. Upon arriving at your destination, we are committed to ensuring that all of the products included in your Ultimate TV Packing Kit tackle the job of making sure your television is in one piece once you arrive!

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Why Purchase A U-Haul TV Packing Kit?

Moving and packing can be a stressful time for any individual or family, no matter what. The way U-Haul approaches this is quite simple, we are on a mission to Make Moving Easier for all do-it-yourself movers, no matter how small or big your move may be. Our new Ultimate TV Packing Kit is just another way we give our fantastic consumer base the ability to have the upper edge on the unknown of moving that can happen to anyone.

When choosing packing and moving supplies, you can find many options to consolidate your television accordingly. Putting forth the extra investment to ensure that your hard-earned television is taken care of for the short or long journey will ensure you have it to be used for many years to come. Over many years, U-Haul has seen some grim things happen, such as a cracked screen, damaged internals, and severe scratches happen to do-it-yourself movers. It happened for those who did not correctly package and collect the suitable moving materials for their television. These various reasons are why we designed and built our Ultimate TV Packing Kit.

In turn, we are always looking for new ways to give our consumer base the leading edge in any form of packing and supplies when it comes to your move. Whether you're moving across town or the nation, U-Haul has you covered from A-Z for your TV and everything else you need to Make Moving Easier!

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