Winter Propane Uses and Safety

Don't let cold temperatures stop you from enjoying indoor and outdoor activities this winter. There are a variety of winter propane uses and safety tips to keep you and your family warm and entertained throughout the entire winter season.

A propane space heater.

Propane Heaters

Propane heaters are very effective at heating up indoor and outdoor spaces. There are a variety of propane options to heat up patios and outdoor areas including propane powered fire pits, space heaters and patio heaters.

Ice Fishing with Propane

It's finally that time of year, snow has fallen and the ice is thick enough for ice fishing. The main goals are to catch fish, have fun and not freeze! Using propane will help make your fishing experience one to remember. While out on the ice a propane powered auger that uses a 1 lb. refillable tank (only available in California) is perfect for cutting through the ice quickly and efficiently. Once the hole is cut and the excess ice is scooped away, you can set up your ice fishing hut. A common heating source in huts are propane heaters and burners; in nicer huts propane features are sometimes even built in. 

While using propane to stay warm here are some safety tips:

  • Check to make sure that your propane tank is not leaking. The easiest way to check is by spraying a leak detection solution or other non-abrasive solution that does not contain ammonia (soapy water or similar solution) and looking for bubbles. 
  • Make sure that you have the proper fittings and extensions.
  • Make sure that your hut has proper ventilation at all times. U-Haul recommends bringing a propane detector and fire extinguisher in case of an emergency.

After a fun day out on the lake, you can take your catches home and grill them up with a Fish Basket for the whole family to enjoy, or grill them up right on the lake with a Char-Broil Portable Gas Grill.

Two people grilling food during a camping trip.

Winter Propane Grilling Tips

Don't let the frigid winter temperatures stop you from grilling up your favorite foods. Continue to grill with these winter propane grilling tips:

  • Step One: Check Your Tank. Before you start any activity that needs propane, check to make sure that your tank does not have any leaks and that there is enough propane left in the tank. Follow these steps for refilling your propane tank if you have any questions.
  • Step Two: Get Bundled Up! Make sure that you are dressed for the weather you are grilling in. Avoid wearing flammable materials, loose clothing and scarves when grilling during winter. 
  • Step Three: Clear the Area Around Your Grill. Removing snow and ice will help your grill heat up faster as well as prevent slippery conditions. It is also a good idea to move your grill to an area that it protected from the wind. 
  • Step Four: Heat Up Your Grill. Your grill will take a few more minutes than usual to heat up due to the lower temperatures. 
  • Step Five: Start Cooking! While cooking, try to keep the lid shut as much as possible to avoid cold air altering the cooking temperature.

Find propane refill locations or shop for propane heaters and grilling tools today and stay warm this winter.

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