U-Box® Delivery Method: Truck Delivery

For over 75 years, do-it-yourself movers have gone to U-Haul for their moving and storage needs. Now, U-Haul can bring its services to you. With U-Box® containers, U-Haul makes moving and storage portable.

U-Box containers take the stress off you for long-distance moving. The moving containers can be shipped to wherever you’re moving, held on your property for storage, and your belongings can be packed at your convenience.

One of the biggest differences between U-Box containers compared to other portable moving and shipping containers is U-Haul offers multiple delivery options for its moving containers. A popular option is truck delivery via the Truck Delivery choice.

How ‘Truck Delivery’ Works

When making a U-Box container reservation, you’ll be prompted to pick between Truck Delivery, Full Service Delivery & Load, Self Delivery, and Access at a U-Haul Location as your access option. With the Truck Delivery option, we’ll bring your U-Box containers to you. Simply tell us when and where you need your U-Box container(s).

You pick a date for us to drop off your U-Box containers to where you’re moving from. A U-Haul driver will bring your moving and storage containers on a flatbed truck and unload them using a forklift. The moving containers can be placed on any flat, level surface on your property.

Once your moving containers are packed, we will come to pick them up. Depending on how you set up your reservation, you can either ship the moving container(s) to your destination or store them at a local U-Haul facility. U-Box containers can stay on your property as well. Check with the laws and regulations for your city or town and HOA.

If you choose to ship your moving container(s), you’ll need to pick a future date to access them. We guarantee that your moving container(s) will arrive at your local neighborhood U-Haul location the day before you need access. By using the Truck Delivery option, we’ll give you a call to schedule a time to drop off your container(s) at their destination for you to unpack.

This delivery option is ideal if you:

  • Want the convenience of delivery to your doorstep
  • Want the convenience of packing and loading your containers on your time
  • Don’t have a vehicle capable of towing a U-Box container
  • Want to use a U-Box container for on-site storage
Not right for you?

Learn more about our four U-Box Delivery Options

U-Box: The Best Moving Container for You

U-Box containers are convenient, flexible, and secure, making them a great choice for your portable moving and storage needs. Our moving containers are custom-made from premium, pest-resistant plywood. Breathable wood construction helps keep the items in the U-Box container protected from mold and mildew. Containers sit approximately six inches off the ground to protect against standing water and have composite pads on the feet that keep water from seeping inside. Each container is equipped with a highly durable weather-resistant vinyl cover upon delivery to further protect your belongings from the elements.

Don’t just take our word for it. Forbes Advisor rated U-Box containers the “best moving container of 2022.” And with Truck Delivery, it’s an affordable portable moving and storage option. Start your portable moving container reservation today!

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