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Please consider the condition of your Tow Vehicle.

The vehicle information you have entered has triggered this alert. If you are planning to tow a trailer, for use over any distance, you should consider the condition of your tow vehicle. Towing a trailer can be demanding on some older vehicles, depending upon their condition. You should consider the mechanical condition (Engine, transmission, suspension, brakes and tires) into your rental/purchasing decision and if applicable consider the following alternative options:

  • Truck and Auto Transport rental
  • Truck and Tow Dolly rental
  • Truck rental and authorized driver (auto separate)
  • Different Tow Vehicle

Your vehicle requires a custom-built hitch

Custom-built hitch

If U-Haul doesn't have a hitch for your vehicle, nobody does!

Your vehicle requires a custom-built hitch which we will gladly fabricate for you. If you are able to bring your vehicle to our Tempe, AZ Research & Development facility we'll provide you with a free U-Haul custom trailer hitch, including free installation, and a lifetime unlimited warranty in exchange for the use of your vehicle to fabricate the trailer hitch. We'll need the vehicle for four to five days. If you are interested in this offer please complete the form below and we'll contact you to schedule your appointment. This offer is only valid until one customer per vehicle can fulfill our requirements.

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The selected hitch kit includes a hitch beam, latching mechanism, and detachable square receiver. This kit is capable of towing a bike rack and cargo carrier. If you are planning to tow a trailer, a Stealth brand tow wiring kit is additionally needed.

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