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Please consider the condition of your Tow Vehicle.

The vehicle information you have entered has triggered this alert. If you are planning to tow a trailer, for use over any distance, you should consider the condition of your tow vehicle. Towing a trailer can be demanding on some older vehicles, depending upon their condition. You should consider the mechanical condition (Engine, transmission, suspension, brakes and tires) into your rental/purchasing decision and if applicable consider the following alternative options:

  • Truck and Auto Transport rental
  • Truck and Tow Dolly rental
  • Truck rental and authorized driver (auto separate)
  • Different Tow Vehicle

2013 Toyota 4Runner Limited trailer hitch components


Factory Installed Hitch

  • Your vehicle already has a hitch receiver installed from the vehicle manufacturer. If you're looking to tow accessories, trailers, or vehicles you will need the additional parts shown below.
Towing starter kit

2” Towing Starter Kit (2-1/4” Drop, 7,500 lbs.)

  • Save money on the products you need by combining the items in this package.
  • No special tools are required to attach this product since the ball comes pre-torqued.
  • Ready in minutes! The simple design is ready to insert into a 2" receiver hitch, and allows you to be tow-ready in minutes.
  • Towing a heavy load? This kit can tow up to 7,500 lbs.
  • Kit Includes: 2" ball, 5/8" pin and clip, and 2-1/4" drop ball mount
  • The U-Haul Hitch Ball has more safety features than any other hitch ball in the towing industry.
Hitch ball

Pin and clip


ZCI™ Zero Contact Interface Universal ModuLite

  • ZCI Zero Contact ModuLite & Installation Kit
  • Plug Type: 4 Flat
  • Part number: CQT119251
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 119251
Product Subtotal:

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