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Don’t want to travel with your goods? Need flexibility with the timing of your move? Would storing your goods at the origin or destination be helpful? Door to Door®, U-Box has the solution.

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How does a U-Box® shipping container benefit you?

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    With home delivery, your U-Box moving and storage container is brought directly to your door. Moving Help is available to pack your U-Box container to make your move easier.

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    Use as many containers as you need at origin or destination. When you are ready, we ship them to your new home across town or across the world.

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    Containers are sealed with your lock and key. Your goods are transported by trucks with gentle ride suspension for safe shipping. While in storage, your possessions are kept in a secure U-Haul facility.

How does it work?

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The best part about using U-Box containers for a move or as a portable storage solution is you have the flexibility and control to plan the perfect move. You can ship to your new home or store until you know where you’re going. We give you the opportunity to plan each step of the process to ensure it works best for you.

City to City Moving® containers will give you the flexibility and convenience you need for your next move.

  1. Choose the number of containers you need. One U-Box container fits about a room and a half of household items. When in doubt get extra–we won’t charge you if you don’t use it.

  2. Tell us when you will need to access the container. If you ship it to a new city but don’t need it yet, we can store it for you at our secure warehouse.

  3. We deliver the containers to you and pick them up when you’re ready. If you would rather take it home yourself, use our specially built trailer or pack it at a U-Haul location. Learn more about the different delivery options.

  4. We will store your container at our secure warehouse or we can ship anywhere in the world. You will hear from us when the container is in transit and when it arrives at its destination.

Popular U-Box Uses Popular Uses for U-Box® Moving Containers

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    Long Distance/ International Moves

    The ease of U-Box moving containers helps to make moving simpler. Arrange for your belongings to be delivered anywhere, even overseas. We also offer inter-island moves for Hawaii and shipping to Alaska.

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    Home Renovation

    Secure your items in a U-Box portable storage container during your home renovation process to avoid any damage to your items. You can either keep your U-Box container on your property or at a secure U-Haul location nearby.

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    College Students

    Load your moving container and have it delivered directly to your school. You can also use the containers to store your stuff between semesters, and deliver them to your new home upon graduation.

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    Emergency Moves

    Have a family emergency that requires an immediate move? U-Box moving containers can help eliminate the need to drive your belongings to a new location. Ship them to a new location and catch a quick flight to your destination.

U-Box® Delivery Options

We Deliver

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The Superior Convenience Option
Have U-Box moving containers delivered to your door, keep them for as long as you need, and arrange for pickup whenever you’re ready. This allows you to pack at your own pace before shipping the container to its final destination.


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The Low-Cost, Do-it-Yourself Option
Pick up your U-Box moving containers with our specially designed trailer. When you finish packing your shipping container, bring it back to your neighborhood U-Haul location to get stored or shipped. With this option, do everything on your schedule for a low cost.

Access at a U-Haul Location

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The Most Cost Effective Option
Avoid all delivery fees by bringing your belongings to a U-Haul location where you can pack them into a U-Box container. Then choose to either store the U-Box container or have it shipped to your destination. This option works well for customers who want to save money on delivery.

Get more information about how each delivery option works!

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