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U-Box container delivery options for moving and storage

U-Box containers have five different delivery options to meet your unique needs.

Self delivery Low-cost, convenient option

With the U-DELIVER® option, use your personal vehicle to tow your U-Box container to your place and load at your convenience. When finished, bring it back to the U-Haul location. With this option, you do everything on your schedule at a very low cost.

Ideal for
  • People who need to move entirely on their schedule
  • Those able to tow U-Box containers with their own vehicle
  • People outside of U-Box truck delivery areas

U-Haul has partnered with Moving Help to provide delivery and moving labor for your U-Box containers if you choose this option, but don't want to do-it-yourself.

Load/unload at U-Haul Zero delivery fee

Bring your goods to us and pay only the monthly fee. If you need to have U-Box containers delivered or moved at a later date, that option is still available to you!

Ideal for
  • People who need to move entirely on their schedule
  • Those with smaller moving or storage needs
  • People on a tight budget

Moving Help delivery Load/unload service included

Professional Moving Helpers deliver your box, fill or empty it, and take it for storage or shipping. You can just watch as they do all the heavy lifting!

Ideal for
  • People who want a full-service move at a lower cost
  • Those who want to maximize their use of space
  • People without a vehicle that can tow

Truck delivery Superior convenience

Available in most areas, truck delivery is inexpensive and allows you to really take your time loading your U-Box containers. Store on your property for as long as you need—months or even years—and only pay our low monthly fee. Call us to pick up the containers for moving or storage whenever you're ready.

Ideal for
  • Those who want the convenience of delivery
  • Those with larger moving and storage needs
  • People who want to use U-Box containers for on-site storage

Have questions or need help? Chat with a moving expert