Friday Fun with Stretch Plastic Wrap

As you probably know by now, us moving insiders are always trying to find new and creative ways to reuse moving supplies. This week, we had some extra stretch plastic wrap and, of course, our imaginations began running wild. In this post, we will share our favorite ideas for reusing stretch plastic wrap!

Idea #1: Prank a coworker: One of our team members is on vacation this week. We wanted to do something nice while he was away, and really welcome him back in style. Our plan? Stretch wrap everything on his desk. Since plastic wrap is great for dust-proofing and protecting your belongings, we knew he’d  appreciate us preserving his important work documents while he was away. Here are some photos of our kind favor:

plastic wrap
We got a little carried away!

If you want to prank a coworker when they are in the office, you can always cover their car in plastic wrap, like this:

plastic wrap
Always protect your car from dust and debris.
stretch plastic wrap
DIY manicure with plastic wrap from Nailderella

Idea #2: Start a “Plastic Band”: This post from TLC gives you instructions to make your own musical instruments from plastic wrap, and use them to start a family band. We are pretty confident that the mover’s stretch plastic wrap will help you make beautiful music.

Idea #3: Give yourself a manicure: After all of your hard work pranking friends and co-workers, you might need a little pampering. Take a bit of leftover stretch plastic wrap and give your nails a new look. This post from Nailderella shares the steps to doing your very own textured manicure at home!

What is your favorite idea of the ones we mentioned above? Do you have any fun ideas for reusing plastic stretch wrap? Let us know below in the comment’s section!