College Bound: Moving to the University of Florida

COLLEGE BOUNDFlorida is perhaps one of the most sought-after states to attend college. The oldest university in the state, the University of Florida campus spans over 2,000 acres, and is home to the nationally-beloved Gators. You have a fun and exciting four years ahead, but first- you’ve got to get there.

In this blog post we’ll share the top tips for moving to Florida State University that will likely save you time, money, or stress (or, all of the above).

Moving to the university of FloridaTip #1: Choose an alternate destination. The city of Gainesville is relatively small. During college move-in, the truck rental centers get very busy with returns from students coming from all over the state and country. This can mean long lines and limited parking. The best way to avoid this is to return your moving truck in a nearby city, like Ocala. This nearby destination is less than 40 miles away, and choosing this as your drop-off location (after stopping in Gainesville to drop off your stuff) could save you a lot of money.

Tip #2: Make a round trip. If you’re coming from anywhere else inside the state of Florida, you have a great option to save money: consider making your move a round trip. This means renting the moving truck in your hometown, driving to Gainesville to unload, and then going back to your home town to return the truck. In almost all cases, the extra distance driven is negligible given the better rate you are likely to get. What’s even better- is if your parents are coming to the dorms to help you move in, you can ride to campus together, and then they can drive the moving truck back. This way, they won’t have to drive a separate chase car.

Tip #3: Avoid the peak times. The University assigns move-in dates in groups, which is very helpful in making your move go more smoothly. Even still, the peak time for this university city, in general, last from July 29th-August 24th. Avoid this peak time by moving in early if you will be living off-campus, or by coming at first with the bare necessities, and then returning with a moving truck if necessary after the first week of school. In addition to this nearly month-long busy-season, weekends tend to be the busiest in general; so, move Monday through Thursday when possible.

Moving to the Universitty of FloridaTip #4: Use a college shipping service. A great way to avoid the stress of move-in madness is by using a college shipping service, like Collegeboxes. With a shipping service, you will receive empty boxes at home to pack full of your belongings. Once you’re ready, Collegeboxes will pick up your boxes, and deliver them right to your “dorm-step”. You can also opt to pick up the packages at their facility, free of charge! This option is best if you aren’t bringing large pieces of furniture.

A note about parking: According to the University of Florida’s housing website, vehicles parked in any unloading zone must have someone with them at all times. Unattended vehicles may be ticketed or towed.

Check out this helpful timeline to help you prepare for move in, courtesy of UFL.

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Do you have any tips for moving to the University of Florida? Let us know below in the comments section!