College Bound: Moving to the University of Oregon


Moving to the University of Oregon is a time in your life that you will never forget. Moving out of your parent’s home, out into the world on your own,  and changing the way you look at life  are all experiences to be excited for. But, before you begin your college career, you should know what to expect.

The University of Oregon is located in Eugene, which boasts a rich art scene and breathtaking outdoor views. On campus, you’ll find more than 250 student groups to give you more of exactly what you are passionate about. Classes begin on September 30th, and the move-in chaos can begin as early as a month beforehand. This post shares several tips from industry insiders that will make your experience of moving to the University of Oregon easier.

Moving to the University of OregonTip #1. Share a moving truck. It’s important to pack light when you’re moving to the University of Oregon because of the limited availability of elevators in many residence halls. Because of this, you may not need to fill an entire moving truck. If that’s the case, then sharing a moving truck with a friend in your hometown who is also moving to UO will help you save money in fuel costs, and utilize all of the space in the truck. The UO website notes that Barnhart, Carson, LLC, Global Scholars Hall, and Riley are the only halls with elevators (which get really busy during move-in), and that using the stairs may speed up your move-in process . Bringing a handtruck or dolly is advised.

University of OregonTip #2. Drop off at an alternate destination. Many students will be moving to Eugene during the month of August and September, which can cause some congestion at local rental centers once everyone is ready to return. To avoid this hassle (and likely save some money) you can choose, instead, to drop your truck off at a location in a neighboring city, like Salem. It is 66 miles away, one way, but the time may be negligible when you consider the lines you’ll be waiting in at any Eugene center (and, did we mention you can save some money, too?).

Tip #3. Avoid the peak times. If you have the option to avoid the peak times all together, this may be the best bet. If you’re moving into the dorms, then you will be assigned a specific time to check in, by zip code (check your assignment letter for your staggered check-in time and instructions). But, if you’re moving off-campus into an apartment or rental home, you can avoid the chaos and move in early. Because leases often begin on the first of the month anyway, coming to Eugene as early as August 1st will allow you to spend less of your time waiting in line.

Tip #4. Ship your stuff. College shipping services, like College Boxes, make it easy for you to get your stuff to college with as little stress as possible. They will ship the boxes to your home, you pack them, then college boxes picks them up and will deliver to your dorm once you arrive. This is a great solution for students who don’t have enough stuff to fill a moving truck, and either don’t have a car of their own, or the car is too small.

For even more helpful information, check out the University of Oregon’s move-in guide.

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