Clearance Height of a Moving Trailer

Maybe you’re feeling adventurous and would rather move with a moving trailer than a truck. Maybe you want to save a few dollars because you would not have to spend more on fuel than you would for your own personal vehicle and moving truck. Maybe you’re traveling back to school and just need a bit of extra space. Either way, a trailer move is different than one with a moving truck. If it is your first go ’round of using a moving trailer, there are a few questions that can cross your mind. One I’d like to discuss today is knowing the clearance height of a moving trailer.

Like most trucks, each trailer has a height clearance to be aware of. The height of the moving trailer will vary by the actual size you’re renting. Each of the dimensions are available online as well for a quick reference.

Cargo Trailer Clearance Height

Find more information for each sized trailer below:

6×12 Trailer

5×10 Trailer

5×8 Trailer

4×8 Trailer

Also, remember these key tips:

  • Load trailers heavier in the front
  • Reduce normal driving speed
  • Wear a seat belt

Have you had to move with a moving trailer for your local or cross country move? Tell us in the comments section below.