Trailer Hitch 101: Everything You Need to Know

Trailer Hitch 101

A vehicle transports you and your goods from point A to point B, but with an attached trailer you can maximize your haul. If you want to rent a trailer, a trailer hitch is a must! A trailer hitch is directly fastened underneath the bumper of your tow vehicle and connects to a trailer. As the number one hitch installer in North America, U-Haul offers all the equipment and services to meet all your towing needs. Trailer hitches are specific to the make and model of your car. To find the correct hitch for your vehicle, enter your vehicle information online, purchase it, and schedule your installation.

Using U-Haul as your hitch installer comes with benefits that are hard to pass up. If you order and schedule your installation online you will receive $10 off. Lifetime hitch protection is available for $5, and guarantees hitch replacement with no limitation for any damage. A 2-year wiring plan is also available for $10 and guarantees the repair or replacement of covered wiring. Covered damages include collision, corrosion, accidental overload, accidental mishandling, jackknifing, and theft of the vehicle.

Your installed hitch has a receiver tube, the opening piece of the trailer hitch that accommodates inserts like ball mounts, bike racks, or accessory carriers.

Correct Ball Mount

Before towing your trailer, you need to have the right ball mount. It is important that the trailer is level when you tow, to learn how to determine which ball mount you need for a level trailer. First, measure the height of the top of your vehicles receiver tube. Level your trailer, then measure the height to the bottom of your coupler. Once both measurements are made, subtract the height of the coupler from the receiver height to determine the ball mount drop. If the vehicle’s receiver is lower than the coupler then you will determine the ball mount rise. U-Haul trailers are built with the standard coupler size of approximately 18”. This measurement can be used to order the correct ball mount online. For more information on the right size ball mount, see the video below.

If you have any more questions check U-Haul’s towing tips or call 1-800-BE4-U-TOW to speak to one of our friendly hitch specialists.

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