Reservation Advisements (and other helpful information)

Moving Trucks, Trailers, Towing Devices, Cargo Vans and Pickup Trucks

Reservation Guarantee

Should U-Haul, through its own fault fail to meet time, place and equipment size, a $50 "Reservation Guarantee" will be paid and U-Haul will still attempt to fill the reservation.

Basic Reservation Policies and Scheduling

Your local U-Haul representative is in charge of your reservation.  If you need to contact them you can find their contact information by accessing your reservation online at

U-Haul reserves the right to schedule an alternate pick up location and/or equipment as needed, based on the most convenient location with available equipment.

The number of hours that can be scheduled for an In-Town move (pick up and drop off at the same location) is based on equipment availability.

How your reservation is scheduled may vary by type of reservation, equipment availability and the amount of notice you provide prior to your requested pick up date. Scheduling information specific to your reservation can be found by accessing your reservation online at

If you do not need the equipment you have reserved please let us know by the day prior to your move date. You may change or cancel your reservation by accessing it online at or by contacting your local U-Haul representative or your pick up location.

Prior to your rental, we recommend that you read the equipment user instructions located at for trucks and for trailers.

To keep our promises with you, all calls to and from U-Haul Company are recorded.

Rental Rates and Other Fees/Charges

Rates (including any special offers or discounts) are subject to change if changes are made to the reservation. This includes situations where the reservation is canceled and a new reservation is made at a later time.

Rates/prices quoted do not include tax. Customers are responsible for paying all applicable tax as well as any other fees required by local, state/provincial or national laws.

All pick up truck, cargo van and moving truck rentals are subject to an environmental fee.

For details about damage waiver, cargo protection and medical-life protection and liability coverage, please review the "Damage Coverage". In the event that you decline the optional Safemove or Safetow protection, please be advised you are immediately responsible to reimburse U-Haul for any damage, regardless of fault, when you return.

EZ-FUEL℠ Options

  1. Self-Refueling
    Return truck with the same fuel gauge reading as indicated on the rental contract. Estimated gallons needed to return to the same fuel reading is below the gauge on the contract. Be sure to verify that the level is the same as when dispatched.
  2. EZ-FUEL℠ Service
    Let U-Haul refuel at an agreed upon per gallon price as indicated on the rental contract. Fuel will be charged based on the estimated reading below the gauge on the contract.

Trucks returned with less than 1/4 tank of fuel are subject to an additional $30 service fee. U-Haul does not reimburse for excess fuel purchases above the dispatch reading. Full is at the line on the gauge. Filling until the fuel pump click off is usually over full.

Example Gauge: This truck has a 40 gallon tank and takes Unleaded fuel.
Fuel Gauge

REMEMBER! Customer agrees to verify the fuel level of the truck before leaving the premises.

Paying For Your Rental

The total estimated charges for your rental are due when you pick up your equipment.

Payment can be made by credit card, debit card or cash. (Canadian Independent dealer locations may not accept debit cards)

No deposit is required if paying by major credit card, or debit card with a major credit card logo.

If paying by cash, the following is due when you pick up your equipment.

Pickup truck and cargo van cash rentals do require a major credit or debit card with a major credit card logo be swiped in the renters name, as meaningful assurance.

Payment by check is not accepted at all locations. If you would like to pay by check, please contact your pick up location in advance to verify if check payment will be accepted.

Picking Up Your Equipment

You must be 18 years old to rent U-Haul equipment.

You must have a valid driver’s license in order to rent a U-Haul truck, trailer or towing equipment.

U-Haul requires a minimum of two forms of Meaningful Assurance that our equipment will be returned at the time, to the place and in the condition agreed upon.

The primary form of assurance that is always collected is a contact phone number that we call and verify at the time of rental.

Additional forms of Meaningful Assurance you may provide are:

You are subject to all terms and conditions of the rental contract signed at the time of dispatch.

Please keep your rental contract with you at all times during your rental.

Towing a Trailer or Towing a Car

U-Haul offers a free towing inspection. To find a location near you where you can have your vehicle and trailer hitch inspected prior to the date of your move, visit the U-Haul location finder at

All towing is subject to inspection at the time of pick up. If a towing hookup is not compatible and not recommended, U-Haul will not rent you the trailer or towing device.

Towing behind a Ford Explorer is prohibited.

When towing, load trailers heavier in front, reduce normal driving speed and wear a seat belt.

Useful tips about towing can be found at

User Instructions and 'How-To' Videos

User instructions can be found at for trucks and for trailers.

Recommended 'how-to' videos can be seen at

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