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  • U-Haul is open in all 50 States and 10 Canadian provinces.
  • We have intensified our sanitization of equipment and stores to better protect you and our team members. As the industry leader in moving and self-storage, your health and safety have always come first.
  • We offer contactless products and services such as Truck Share 24/7, Online Check-In, U-Box container home delivery and direct shipping of supplies.

COVID-19 Response Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is U-Haul open during the COVID-19 outbreak?

    As an essential service provider, U-Haul is open for business to meet the needs of our customers and communities. U-Haul offers a vast interconnected mobility network and access to equipment enables the public to move where jobs are, improve their housing situation, remedy a health problem, move home from college, etc. U-Haul provides services to First Responders, online retailers and shippers delivering necessities to families who cannot leave their homes and small businesses who now need to deliver direct to customers to stay afloat.

    At U-Haul self-storage facilities, customers store household goods, medical supplies, equipment and products for their business.

    In addition to a range of boxes and moving supplies, U-Haul also offers propane at 1,100 locations. Propane remains an essential fuel source for families to heat their living spaces and cook their food.

  • Some cities or states are following shelter-in-place type protocols, are you open in those areas?

    Yes. U-Haul products and services fall into a number of "critical infrastructures" defined by The Office of Homeland Security including transportation, logistics and energy sectors. We offer needs-based products and services that cannot be substituted, and for which access cannot be postponed.

  • I'm worried I won’t be able to get to my destination.

    There are no restrictions prohibiting travel between States.

  • What is U-Haul doing to protect customers amid the outbreak?

    To protect our customers, we have intensified our already high standard of preparing our equipment for customer use. We have added specific steps, including sanitizing EVERY:

    • Steering Wheel
    • Interior and Exterior Door Handle
    • Radio and Temperature Control Knob
    • Key and Key-Tag / Fob
    • Seat / Seatbelts

    Our retail stores are following a rigorous sanitization schedule and a 6ft. distancing plan specific to each location.

    We are also asking customers to do their part and complete the \"Online Check-in\" on their own device prior to their pick-up time.

  • What is U-Haul doing to protect Team Members amid the outbreak?

    As "essential critical infrastructure workers," our Team Members have stepped up to meet the public's needs during this challenging time. We are proud of, and grateful for, the service-oriented people who comprise Team U-Haul.

    The health and well-being of our Team Members remains a top priority. Across the U.S. and Canada, we have bolstered our cleaning procedures at every location, encouraged best practices put forth by leading health officials and offered enhanced benefits to all Team Members, regardless if they are part-time or on our medical plan. As you would expect, Team Members feeling sick or showing any symptoms are to stay at home.

    Our CEO has encouraged team members to remain at home if they are fearful to come into work and to let their manager know so that we can find alternative ways to cover their work and meet continued customer demand.

  • I'm following social distancing procedures. How can I rent a U-Haul truck and limit my interaction with others?

    U-Haul is the only company in the industry to offer services that inherently promote social distancing.

    Customers have the option to pick up and return moving trucks or vans every hour of every day with U-Haul Truck Share 24/7®, which enables the entire rental transaction to be conducted on their smartphone via the remote assistance of our trained Live Verify agents.

    Whether you utilize Truck Share 24/7 or come into a retail location, all of our customers are encouraged to complete the "Online Check-in" on their own device prior to their pick-up time. Doing so will save time and limit interaction with others.

    We also offer U-Box portable moving containers that require no in-person interaction. We will deliver as many containers as you need right to your door. They can be packed over days or weeks before being shipped or placed into storage.

  • I saw that U-Haul has a special offer for college students affected by COVID-19. What is it?

    Amidst many colleges and universities evacuating students in favor of online instruction, U-Haul has extended 30 days of free self-storage to students needing to store their belongings.

  • What do college students need to know about this offer?

    Go to uhaul.com/storage to find a U-Haul-owned and operated storage facility near you. Stop by the location near you or call the GM to ask about our offer, and have your college ID available. You will need a disc lock to secure your belongings. This is a limited-time offer subject to availability.

  • Are college students coming to U-Haul for other reasons right now?

    Yes. U-Haul is the most student-friendly moving company in the DIY industry. We offer the most locations and a wide variety of equipment for every moving need. You only need to be 18 years of age with a valid driver’s license to rent and operate a U-Haul moving van or truck. We offer third-party pay, which means mom and dad can help their college student by paying for their moving needs.

    Collegeboxes, the No. 1 storage and shipping provider for college students in the country, is powered by U-Haul at over 205 campuses nationwide. With Collegeboxes, the student's goods can be shipped home or stored over the summer and delivered back to their dorm or residence when returning for the Fall-term. Collegeboxes is offering an early move-out special to help meet the individual needs of students. Visit collegeboxes.com or call 866-269-4887 for more information.

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