Antony Grocott Named U-Haul District 19 Area District Vice President

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TORONTO – (Jan. 14, 2013) U-Haul recently announced the promotion of Antony Grocott to District 19 area district vice president (ADVP). Grocott brings more than 23 years of proven leadership skills,U-Haul knowledge and experience to his new position, where he will be responsible for overseeing U-Haul operations throughout western and central Canada.

Grocott began his U-Haul career in July 1989 as a transfer driver. In November 1989 he was promoted to assistant general manager for U-Haul Moving and Storage at Barton Street, and several months later was promoted to general manager (GM) of U-Haul Center Burlington. Grocott also served as GM at U-Haul Center Queensway and U-Haul Center Kitchener before being promoted to area field manager (AFM) for U-Haul Company of Western Ontario. Grocott also held the positions of senior staff and traffic control manager (TCM) for U-Haul Company of Western Ontario before being promoted to marketing company manager, and then to marketing company president (MCP) of U-Haul Company of British Columbia. In September 2005 Grocott transferred to become manager of East Hamilton Repair Shop before becoming MCP of U-Haul Company of Central Ontario in 2006…and then MCP of U-Haul Company of Western Ontario in 2007. Most recently, Grocott was serving as MCP of U-Haul Company of Central Ontario. Today, as ADVP, Grocott will oversee all operations of U-Haul District 19.

 “Antony has worked at several key positions in the Company. Thanks to having been an MCP and key city shop manager, he can ably help his teams see through problems to a solution that our customers prefer for their moving and storage needs,” EVP Ron Frank stated. “Putting our own thoughts out of the way and listening to what customers tell us is a key point in Antony’s leadership style. I look forward to fine progress from District 19.”

In assuming his new role as ADVP, Grocott is enthused about the changes that recently took place in Canada when the district split, and is looking forward to working with U-Haul Team members in the new District 19. Grocott explained that the companies that now make up District 19 already are high-quality, strong, successful companies…but he is looking forward to the challenge of leading them toward new levels of success. Grocott plans on working hard to achieve growth within District 19, and also plans on enhancing customer service in order to keep U-Haul number one.     

“My main goal is to grow the district, by adding dealerships- of course-with a focus on self-storage dealerships, and adding new centers in areas that are currently underserved or which we are not in,” Grocott stated.

Grocott’s plan of action for growth is to build off of the great work that U-Haul Team members in his district are already doing: focusing on programs that help District 19 increase income and profit, while also constantly working to raise the level of customer service they provide. He stresses that the knowledge he has gained from the many great people he has worked with over the years has helped him in his leadership roles. Grocott attributes his promotion to the successes he and his teams have experienced at marketing companies, and says those achievements truly are what enabled him to become ADVP.    

“I am here to help,” Grocott said. “I plan to support the district in every way possible and provide excellent customer service at the same time.”  

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