Wayne Curtis Named President of U-Haul Company of Central Ontario

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BRAMPTON,  Ontario – (Jan. 16, 2013) Executive Vice President (EVP) Ron Frank and District 19 Area District Vice President (ADVP) Antony Grocott have announced that Wayne Curtis has been named marketing company president (MCP) of U-Haul Company of Central Ontario.

Curtis began his U-Haul career in January 1990 as a dispatching and receiving technician atU-Haul Center Main Street. In August 1993, Curtis was promoted to customer service representative (CSR) at U-Haul Center Main Street before being promoted to manager of U-Haul Center Burlington in July 1996. Curtis also was manager at U-Haul Royal Windsor before being promoted to area field manager (AFM) for U-Haul Company of Western Ontario in July 2000. Curtis also held the positions of traffic control manager (TCM) for U-Haul Company of Eastern Ontario and manager of Bramalea Repair Shop until his recent promotion. Today, as president, Curtis will oversee all operations of U-Haul Company of Central Ontario, including truck, trailer and storage rentals. Curtis' U-Haul knowledge, experience and determination certainly will drive his team to new levels of achievement.

“I am excited to have Wayne taking over as president of U-Haul Company of Central Ontario,” ADVP Grocott affirmed. “Wayne has held many key positions throughout the years, and has gained a substantial amount of knowledge that will help him and his team reach new levels of success. Wayne always has paid attention to detail and follows through on all programs," Grocott continued. “I am looking forward to seeing what he will do with his knowledge and determination while leading his company.”

In assuming his new role as president, Curtis is excited about the opportunity to help his team members grow professionally and continue down a successful, fulfilling career path with U-Haul. Curtis knows that with this promotion, he not only has been given a tremendous opportunity, he also now shoulders the responsibility of helping his team members learn and develop their skills. Curtis explains that U-Haul training resources are second to none, and he plans on promoting them to every one of his team members in order to help them develop their strengths so that they can enjoy an exciting journey with U-Haul Company of Central Ontario. 

“Without a doubt, the strength within U-Haul Company of Central Ontario is made up of the quality, energy level and ambition of its team members,” Curtis affirmed. “We are a group with positive attitudes, and we’re always looking for ways to improve our results and face challenges head on. It is now my job to keep everyone energized and focused.”

Having worked for U-Haul for more than 20 years, Curtis said he has had the privilege of working with many different leaders along the way. With far too many to acknowledge, he noted that one thing always stayed a constant: knowledgeable, dedicated people always more than willing to help him out along the way. As president, he hopes he can share the same level of knowledge and assistance with anyone. Curtis wants to make sure his team members understand that they serve as a part of key “life events” in U-Haul customers’ lives, and they have the responsibility to provide strength, confidence and trust…which customers need…by doing their jobs to the best of their ability--always striving to provide outstanding, exceptional customer service.

Curtis wants to make sure his new team understands that his door is always open, that he will strive to realize what is important, and that he and his team will work together to reach U-Haul Company of Central Ontario’s goals.   

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