David Anstett Named President of U-Haul Company of Western Ontario

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WINDSOR, Ontario – (Feb. 4, 2013) Executive Vice President (EVP) Ron Frank and District 14 Area District Vice President (ADVP) Jake Spelic have announced that David Anstett has been named marketing company president (MCP) of the new U-Haul Company of Western Ontario.

Anstett began his U-Haul career in May 1987 as a sales manager for U-Haul Moving and Storage of Windsor and less than two weeks later was promoted general manager (GM) of that center. Anstett served as GM until his promotion to area field manager (AFM) for U-Haul Company of Hamilton in September 1995. In May 1999, Anstett was promoted to Senior Area Field Manager and District Certifier for U-Haul Company of Western Ontario, the position he held until his recent promotion. Today, as president, Anstett will oversee all operations of U-Haul Company of Western Ontario, including truck, trailer and storage rentals.

“David is a highly motivated and extremely talented individual,” Spelic said. “I have known and worked with him for almost 20 years and always have admired his drive and determination. With more than 25 years of U-Haul experience, David has a wealth of U-Haul knowledge to share with his team,” Spelic affirmed. “He is a natural leader and understands how to motivate everyone within his work group. David’s hard work, dedication and attention to programs will drive his entire team to new levels of success.  I am very excited to work with Dave, and I know he will be successful in his new role.”

In assuming his role as president, Anstett is enthusiastically looking forward to the challenge of putting U-Haul centers, dealerships and the shop team of Western Ontario on what he calls the “U-Haul Map.” Anstett says that this particular region has a tremendous amount of talented, knowledgeable U-Haul team members, and he strongly believes this opportunity to work together in U-Haul Company of Western Ontario certainly will create a force to be reckoned with.

“The opening of this company is a good sign for Windsor and the surrounding area,” MCP Anstett explained. “My team and I are planning to WOW our customers with supersonic customer service, which in turn will provide growth and opportunity in Western Ontario.” 

Anstett knows he has a highly motivated team, dedicated to serving the community and providing quality service. He plans on working one on one with his team members to help them grow, excel and expand their knowledge and careers within U-Haul Company of Western Ontario. By implementing current U-Haul programs, Anstett is confident his team will be better able to understand what the customers want. And if they can do that, they will successfully serve the community and provide quality service to more and more neighborhoods throughout Western Ontario.   

After having worked for U-Haul for more than 20 years, assuming the presidency of this new marketing company is a dream fulfilled for Anstett. Throughout his career, Anstett says he has had many influential leaders who have helped prepare him for his role as president, and now, as a leader himself, he hopes to guide his team to new levels of success and achievement.   

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