Glenn Taylor Named President of U-Haul Company of South Austin

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AUSTIN, Texas – (Feb. 07, 2013) Executive Vice President (EVP) Bob Willson and District 17 Area District Vice President (ADVP) Todd West have announced that Glenn Taylor has been named marketing company president (MCP) of U-Haul Company of South Austin.

Taylor began his U-Haul career in August 2006 as general manager (GM) of U-Haul Moving and Storage of Rundberg. In August 2008, Taylor was promoted to field relief manager (FRM) for U-Haul Company of South Austin, the position he held until his recent promotion. Today, as president, Taylor will oversee all operations of U-Haul Company of South Austin, including truck, trailer and storage rentals.

"Glenn is a results oriented individual. His experience, coupled with execution of policies, programs and procedures will continue to elevate our customer service," West affirmed. “I am looking forward to having Glenn take over as MCP of the new U-Haul Company of South Austin.”

In assuming his new position, Taylor is anxious to work one on one with his team members. He is confident that he can help develop skill sets and increase his teams’ ability to execute proven U-Haul programs. Taylor feels that training and helping to develop team members’ skills are what he was born to do, and he knows that U-Haul Company of South Austin has many talented and long-tenured team members on board. Taylor also knows that the talent and knowledge it takes to constantly work toward a common goal is a definite strength his team members have, and that’s what he plans on using in his drive to take U-Haul Company of South Austin toward new heights.    

“I have a tireless work ethic,” Taylor stated. “I also have an ‘open door, talk to anyone about anything’ policy that I encourage all team members to follow.”

As president of U-Haul Company of South Austin, Taylor plans to grow the Company’s dealer network through the Premier Storage Affiliates and software programs, as well as increase the Company’s self-storage occupancy to drive profits. Throughout his U-Haul career, Taylor learned a lot from many people, but notes that one person in particular, Gary Bouillion (Taylor’s former MCP), really has had a great deal of influence on him and helped prepare Taylor for his current leadership role. Taylor explained that Bouillion has thorough knowledge of all U-Haul policies, procedures and programs, and was willing to teach him how best to move forward. By employing the same focused style of management, Taylor hopes to lead his new team as effectively as Bouillion did.

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