Mark Reinitz Ready to Lead U-Haul Company of Corpus Christi to New Heights of Success

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CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas - (Feb. 13, 2013) Executive Vice President (EVP) Bob Willson and District 17 Area District Vice President (ADVP) Todd West have announced that Mark Reinitz has been named marketing company president (MCP) of U-Haul Company of Corpus Christi.

Reinitz began his U-Haul career in May 2008 as area field manager (AFM) for U-Haul Company of Corpus Christi. In November 2009, Reinitz transferred to U-Haul Moving and Storage at S. Padre Island Drive where he served as general manager (GM). In January 2011, Reinitz was promoted and returned to AFM for U-Haul Company of Corpus Christi, the position he held until his recent promotion.

“Mark is eager to drive success in the Corpus Christi marketing company,” West stated.  “He is fair-minded and hardworking. Mark knows and understands what it takes to get and serve customers.”

U-Haul Company of Corpus Christi has a great team in place, and Reinitz understands that by continuing to work together, they will advance toward new heights of success. Reinitz is confident that his AFMs will remain hard at work building U-Haul Company of Corpus Christi’s dealer network to include more storage dealers, and his teams at the centers will continue to increase market penetration in storage, U-Box portable moving and self-storage containers. hitches and box-sales growth. Reinitz also notes that he is fortunate to have a great team in his traffic office, and looks forward to seeing a steady increase in transactions.

“It is exciting to be recognized for hard work with the promotion from AFM to MCP, which I will continue to do day in and day out,” Reinitz stated. “Many of my friends have always referred to me as being an overachiever, but I see it as working hard and being recognized for those efforts.”

As president of U-Haul Company of Corpus Christi, Reinitz plans on making sure that his team members are all on board with Company policies, programs and procedures. He has many goals in place, and plans to immediately start increasing his U-Box containers for Moving and Self-Storage Program by adding more dealerships. He also will strive to make sure that everyone in his Company is offering U-Box containers for Moving and Self-Storage.

Reinitz expressed that he always has and will continue to strive to be the best at what he does, and notes that Mike Whittington (Reinitz’s former MCP) has been there as a mentor, throughout his career at U-Haul…to help him grow and become a leader.   

“My door always will be open for my team members, dealers and customers,” Reinitz promised. “I look forward to continuing with the process of building this Company, and to many more successful years shared with this entire team.”

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