U-Haul Partners with Brophy Marketing Services and Aurasma to Bring the U-Haul Moving and Self Storage Midtown Location to Life

DETROIT (March 1, 2013) — U-Haul is partnering with local Detroit business Brophy Marketing Services and Aurasma to bring the U-Haul Moving and Self-Storage of Midtown location to life with a new technology called augmented reality (AR) that can be used with any iOS or Android device.

The new AR technology takes what's real and what's computer generated to a whole new level by incorporating picture recognition with content marketing, all of which allows consumers to take a step inside a product as opposed to seeing just a one-dimensional image.

"Utilizing AR technology in this way makes perfect sense for U-Haul.  It is a powerful took that will show customers exactly how U-Haul is revitalizing this building, and it is also one hundred percent consistent with our intentions to work with all local businesses, large or small," stated Stuart Shoen, executive vice president.  "It is our goal to enrich every community we are a part of, and this is just one good example of how." 

Using this exciting new technology requires just a few simple steps and an Internet connection - Wi-Fi is recommended for app installation.

Step 1: From your iOS or Android device, download “Brophy ViewAR” from the iOS App Store or Google Play.

Step 2: Go to the new U-Haul Moving and Self-Storage of Midtown location at 899 W. Baltimore.

Step 3: Launch the Brophy ViewAR app and allow it to use your location.

Step 4: Look for this sign on the Baltimore Street entryway. Using the app, stand several feet back and point your device’s camera at the specified entryway to access special content about U-Haul Moving and Self-Storage of Midtown.

About U-Haul

About Aurasma
Changing the way people see and interact with the world. Since launching in 2011, Aurasma has quickly risen to become the world’s leading augmented-reality platform with more than 16,000 partners operating in over 100 countries. Our vision is to enable an augmented world, where every image, object and place has its own Aura.

About Brophy Marketing Services
Brophy Marketing Services provides PreMedia Services for global advertisers, consumer products companies, and creative agencies. Brophy works with companies to deliver streamlined volume advertising and packaging with greater flexibility to choose their marketing partners. BMS combines their technical experience with creative ideas to deliver bold Enhanced Marketing strategies. Brophy has been focused on research, quality and service since 1939.

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