Manuel Mendez Promises to Reach New Levels of Success in U-Haul Company of Inland Northwest

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SPOKANE, Wash. - (March 15, 2013) Executive Vice President (EVP) Ron Frank and District 1 Area District Vice President (ADVP) Doug McIntier have announced that Manuel Mendez has been named marketing company president (MCP) of U-Haul Company of Inland Northwest.

Mendez began his U-Haul career in December 1999 as a parts specialist for Anchorage Repair Shop. In June 2000, Mendez was promoted to shop manager for Anchorage Repair, the position he held for several years before being promoted and transferring to Auburn Repair Shop as shop manager, the position he held until his recent promotion.

“I’m excited to have Manny taking over as MCP of U-Haul Company of Inland Northwest,” affirmed ADVP McIntier. “Manny has worked hard to provide our customers with quality service and excellent equipment. His high energy level will help all of his team members be successful and he will take U-Haul Company of Inland Northwest to a higher level.”

When asked what he is most excited about in assuming his new role as president, Mendez said, “Well, first and foremost, the mere magnitude of the scope of responsibility just excites me. I have always been an individual who loves the excitement of hard challenges and figuring out ways and means to make the best of opportunities,” Mendez affirmed.

Mendez is thrilled by what he refers to as a “really big strength” within U-Haul Company of Inland Northwest…which happens to be the tenure and personal experience that all of his team members possess. He feels blessed to have been given the opportunity to lead and work with some of the finest team members in the nation, and he is very confident that U-Haul Company of Inland Northwest will achieve every success on its horizon. Mendez understands that it is now his job to cultivate the vast experience within his Company, and apply it to serving more customers and reaching higher levels of success.

Having started his U-Haul career in the repair arena as a shop manager, Mendez learned right away the various challenges shop managers face on a daily basis. And even though

U-Haul has fantastic systems in place, Mendez quickly realized how important team building and synergism are in order to achieve outstanding results. Throughout his career, Mendez has had opportunities to work with and learn from some very skilled leaders, and he attributes his recent success to having learned from the best. Mendez plans to live by the U-Haul Primary Service Objective in order to emphasize the great policies and procedures the Company has in place, with the hope of creating new success throughout U-Haul Company of Inland Northwest. Mendez is ready for the challenge to serve more and more customers at a lower and lower cost, and says ADVP McIntier has the energy required to empower everyone’s success.

“I want my entire team in U-Haul Company of Inland Northwest to know that I am very results oriented, and that I will be here to support them and help make their respective tasks a success,” Mendez stated. “I will do this through employee recognition and team building, and I look forward to getting started right away.”

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