Todd Schnitzer Vows to Take U-Haul Company of Western New York to New Levels of Success

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VICTOR, N.Y. - (March 28, 2013) Executive Vice President (EVP) Chuck Hertzler and District 9 Area District Vice President (ADVP) Levi Parmerter recently announced that Todd Schnitzer has been named marketing company president (MCP) of U-Haul Company of Western New York.

Schnitzer began his U-Haul career in February 1997 as a customer service representative (CSR) for U-Haul Moving and Storage at Transit Road. That June, he was promoted to assistant general manager (GM) and shortly after that was promoted to GM of U-Haul Moving and Storage at Transit Road. Schnitzer transferred to U-Haul Company of Western New York as senior manager in February 2002, the position he held for more than a year before becoming field relief manager (FRM) for the company in September 2003. Schnitzer also served as MCP for U-Haul Company of Western Mass and Vermont, before returning to FRM for U-Haul Company of Western New York in March 2005. Most recently, Schnitzer was serving as manager for Buffalo RERS before his promotion. Today, as president, Schnitzer will oversee all operations of U-Haul Company of Western New York.

“Todd is a results-oriented individual who brings many years of experience to his new position,” Parmerter affirmed. “Todd’s proven leadership ability coupled with his extensive product knowledge and dedication to understanding our primary service objective will certainly lead his team to high achievement.”

When asked what he is most excited about in assuming his new role as president, Schnitzer explained that throughout his U-Haul career, he has seen many of his fellow team members get promoted to MCP and receive the opportunity to lead marketing companies. He reported that he couldn’t be more excited to now have this opportunity himself, and is looking forward to the challenge of taking his team to new levels of success. 

Schnitzer knows that his team members have an unmatched drive for excellence, and that each individual brings a lot to the table. He plans to build from those strengths through continued teamwork, and is looking forward to taking an active role in the successes of every one of his team members. He hopes others will learn to view U-Haul as a career…rather than just a job…and plans to cultivate a team that always will advocate for customers while constantly striving for success.  Throughout his 16-year U-Haul career, Schnitzer said he learned the value of surrounding himself with individuals who are supportive and understand that teams can be successful only if they believe in their leader and in each other.

“I want my team to know I am here for them,” Schnitzer said. “I truly believe you must take care of those who take care of you."

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