U-Haul Company of Tennessee Consent Decree with EEOC

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This Consent Decree represents an agreement - not a conflict - between the EEOC and U-Haul Co. of Tennessee. Among the things agreed upon are that U-Haul admits no wrongdoing and that the types of conduct alleged in the EEOC Complaint are unacceptable and have no place in U-Haul.  In the EEOC’s press release, EEOC personnel commend U-Haul for this stance.

While U-Haul may take issue with the allegations that were made, the Company takes full responsibility for its workplace and will always remove individuals who create unacceptable working conditions for our team members.  Discrimination and harassment based on race will not be tolerated at any U-Haul location.

The specific individual against whom the most egregious allegations were made is no longer employed by any U-Haul entity. U-Haul is very proud of all of its workplaces and is confident that the facility where the alleged behavior took place is not only following the law, but is now a great place to work.