Meet Chris Piedra, Marketing Company President of the New U-Haul Company of Northern Nevada

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RENO, Nev. (Mar. 5, 2014) – Chris Piedra has joined the ranks of U-Haul marketing company presidents. It will be his duty to develop and grow the new U-Haul Company of Northern Nevada. Piedra’s vast knowledge and U-Haul experience will certainly contribute to this company’s success.

“The opportunity to help grow our business at a different level is a truly exciting challenge and one I genuinely appreciate,” Piedra expressed. “Being able to manage, control and be involved with every aspect of U-Haul Company’s numerous offerings is definitely exciting.  Working with and helping others in our organization to grow also brings me much personal joy.”

Chris began his U-Haul career in January 2009 as an area field manager (AFM) for U-Haul Company of East Sacramento. He served as an AFM for more than five years until his recent promotion. As marketing company president of U-Haul Company of Northern Nevada, Chris will oversee all operations including truck, trailer and storage rentals. His determination and will to succeed will lead the new company to success. 

Although the marketing company is a new addition to U-Haul, the experience contributed by Piedra and his team members will pay off handsomely. Piedra believes his marketing company's strengths are the numerous opportunities to expand its dealer network and store penetration throughout the greater northern Nevada area. His goal is to make sure U-Haul equipment is available everywhere. He plans on developing a strategic plan by having a unified and central focus from all of his team to provide topnotch customer service while growing the business. 

“I am very much a people person,” Piedra noted. “I truly enjoy working with people and helping them grow in this company.  Team member relations and treating people with respect should be first on everyone’s mind.”

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