U-Haul to Unveil Newest SuperGraphic Representing Oregon

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Discoveries From Beyond the Blue Surface…on the Sides of 1,800 U-Haul Moving Vans

CRATER LAKE, Ore.  (Aug. 12, 2011) — U-Haul today announced the release of 1,800 new moving vans showcasing majestic Crater Lake, Nuytco’s Deep Rover submersible and the discoveries being made beyond the blue, in the dark depths of the lake. Unlike anywhere else on Earth, with its deep, pure-blue water, serene surrounding cliffs and violent volcanic past, Crater Lake has inspired visitors and scientists alike for more than 100 years. This newest SuperGraphic, honoring the state of Oregon, will invite everyone to submerge themselves in the depths of the deepest U.S. lake, discover what unique ecosystem exists there and learn how discoveries below the surface alter our understanding of life here and elsewhere in our universe.

"We are pleased that U-Haul chose to celebrate 'deepwater discoveries' at

Crater Lake as part of their SuperGraphic Series," said Park Superintendent, Craig Ackerman. "Scientific research expands our understanding of Crater Lake and is a critical part of protecting and preserving its pristine waters for future generations."

 At 11 a.m. on Saturday, August 20, 2011, U-Haul will unveil the Oregon SuperGraphic as its “Venture Across America” Campaign visits Crater Lake National Park in Crater Lake, Oregon. Guests will have the opportunity to hear from local dignitaries, representatives from the Crater Lake National Park, and enjoy the beauty Crater Lake has to offer. The first 650 guests visiting the U-Haul exhibit will receive a free U-Haul commemorative T-shirt and informational booklet featuring Crater Lake and Nuytco’s Deep Rover submersible.

 “We’re thrilled to partner with Crater Lake National Park and Nuytco Research Ltd. to honor the extraordinary Crater Lake and recognize the research Nuytco’s Deep Rover submersible conducted in its depths,” exclaimed Kyle Marvin, president, U-Haul Company of Southern Oregon. “Now, people all over North America will have the privilege of seeing one of the world’s most unique, pristine landscapes, and have the opportunity to learn more about discoveries below the surface, in the dark depths of Crater Lake, that quite possibly could alter our understanding of life here and elsewhere in our universe.”

 U-Haul has been decorating its moving trucks with vibrant images featuring distinctive features of U.S. states and Canadian provinces since 1988, with the launch of the “America’s Moving Adventure” and “Canada’s Moving Adventure” U-Haul SuperGraphics Campaigns. The newest SuperGraphics are part of the “Venture Across America” Campaign that highlights little-known facts about North America. Nearly 200 different images have been created since the SuperGraphics Program began. They can be viewed online at uhaul.com/supergraphics.