U-Haul High School Internship Program Makes the News

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The ambitious second-year high school internship program that U-Haul pioneered in conjunction with Brophy College Prep is the subject of business reporter Russ Wiles’ latest piece for the Arizona Republic and azcentral.com.

Wiles visited the U-Haul corporate towers on July 28 to see what the program was all about. The article appeared online Aug. 3.

Four of the 11 Brophy students to land U-Haul internships this year – Amir Khawaja, Brenner Nathan, Garrett Pedicini and Martin Rodriguez Nunez – met with Wiles, as did Executive Vice President Stuart Shoen.

Read Wiles’ piece on the U-Haul internship program here, which includes a 90-second video featuring Shoen and the four students.

Video link: http://archive.azcentral.com/video/4390925581001

The group shed light on the program, explained how high school students are helping an industry leader thrive, offered details on some of their duties and outlined a few of the reasons why each of them became involved.

Shoen expressed optimism about the future of the program and challenged fellow Phoenix-based companies to follow suit and find “real work” for high school students, who can bring an infectious energy and a new perspective to the workplace.

For more on this piece and other U-Haul news stories, visit the Media Relations page on myuhaulstory.com.

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