Masked Enthusiast – Tagging a Freeway Sign?

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CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (May 24, 2012) – Right now, there is person wearing a mask tagging and shadow boxing in front of what appears to be a green and white freeway sign with spray paint.  The sign is located at 4344 South Padre Island Drive. 

The masked man responsible for the graffiti is Albert Morales.  The green and white directional sign is located on U-Haul property and Morales claims to have been given permission to “tag” this sign. 

Morales, who also goes by the names of “Devils Ink, El Monstrou and LegendKiller01” on the website, is passionate about creating artwork with a twist.  Don’t let the evil names fool you, Morales is a comic book artist and painter who has been working as a professional for the past thirteen years.  You can view Morales’ gallery online at 

Morales should have the sign completed by May 28, 2012.  Local residents will be able to see the transition of the sign right as it happens during the next few days.

Videos will be available online documenting Morales’ progress at,,!/uhaul, and

Joanne Fried
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