Roll up the cargo door of a U-Haul truck and compare what you see to the inside of the competition’s trucks, and two things immediately jump out at you as being part of the U-Haul Advantage: the rub rails and Mom’s Attic. These U-Haul exclusives are just a few of the many reasons why U-Haul costs less, even if the price appears to be the same.

Rub rails

Because U-Haul trucks are designed for the do-it-yourself mover, we make it easy for families to make sure their precious belongings arrive at their new home in one piece. All U-Haul trucks are lined with rub rails on three walls, including the front of the van body. You won't find any front wall rub rails in the competition's trucks!

Our rub rails allow customers to tie down their belongings securely to prevent them from shifting during the trip. For example, a refrigerator can be secured easily in a U-Haul truck because the rub rails on the front wall of the cargo area prevent the refrigerator from shifting side to side or front to back while the truck is in motion.

You can’t do that in any of the competition’s trucks because they have rub rails only on the side walls. That means a refrigerator can act like a trash compactor when the truck moves forward, potentially crushing a customer’s belongings and costing them more money.

Even the placement of the rub rails in our trucks adds to the U-Haul Advantage because they sit more flush with the van body, thereby providing more usable space in the cargo area.

Mom’s Attic

The rub rails extend up into Mom’s Attic, which is another U-Haul exclusive! This extra space over the cab of the truck is perfect for protecting the customer’s most fragile items.

Because Mom’s Attic is separated from the rest of the cargo area, it’s ideal for smaller, fragile items because it keeps them separate from furniture and large, heavy boxes. Mom’s Attic provides an even softer ride, as soft as riding in the cab of the truck.

Mom’s Attic also adds premium cargo space in U-Haul trucks. For example, on a 26-foot U-Haul moving van, Mom’s Attic adds 70 cubic feet of premium cargo space. The competition’s trucks don’t offer any such premium space, meaning fragile items must ride with all of the heavy furniture and boxes in their trucks.

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