U-Haul a Top 10 Healthiest Employer in the Valley

PHOENIX (May 4, 2017) — U-Haul was named the No. 9 Healthiest Employer among large companies in the Valley by the Phoenix Business Journal.

U-Haul was honored for attaining top-10 status for the first time at the annual Valley’s Healthiest Employers Awards breakfast on Thursday morning at the Sheraton Grand downtown.

The award is the latest in a series of honors acknowledging the health and wellness initiatives benefiting Team Members at U-Haul, which is celebrating its 50th year of being headquartered in Phoenix. Award criteria included being among the most innovative in developing strategies for keeping the workforce healthy.

“The progress we’re making through the Healthier U program is significant, and it’s great to see U-Haul recognized for these efforts on a consistent basis,” U-Haul wellness marketing specialist Monique Wantland said. “The important thing is that we’re doing so many things now to help Team Members better their health and quality of life. That makes U-Haul a very appealing place to work.”

For the Valley’s Healthiest Employers Awards, the PBJ categorized large companies as having more than 1,500 local employees; midsize companies as having 251 to 1,499 local employees; and small companies has have 250 local employees or less.

Earlier this year, U-Haul was named an American Heart Association Gold Fit-Friendly Worksite. It was the Company’s most prominent national honor since redefining its workplace initiatives to promote health and fitness.

The Healthier U program encompasses four main categories: health; mindset; nutrition; and fitness. The program focuses on educating Team Members and providing them the tools they need to succeed. This includes, among other things: gym reimbursements; nicotine cessation; registered dietitian plans; and health fairs.

U-Haul offers 100-percent healthy vending and embraces healthy foods served in Anna Mary’s Café, meetings and anniversary celebrations. In addition, many Team Members are opting for stand-up desks to increase blood circulation and productivity. An online wellness portal features daily articles, quote of the day, recipe of the week and health challenges.

Finally, one of the most popular wellness initiatives implemented in 2016 was U-Haul Active Day. This is a designated day where Team Members and their families embrace exercise via a wide variety of activities on a system-wide level.

U-Haul is proud to be one of the Valley’s Healthiest Employers and looks forward to many more years on the list as it climbs the rankings.

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